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From: Danielle Moir

Hello My name is Danielle Moir. 

My great grandmother was Lilian Jennie Kendray I'anson. She was born in Durham England in October 1877 although her wedding certificate puts it later (1880). She married John Moir born in Glasgow July 12th 1874 again the wedding certificate dates don't match but the census papers reflect the 1874 and 1877 dates and a birth certificate. Her father was Thomas I'anson born in Durham . Her mothers name was Jane. Her 2 sisters were Lorna and Ada. Before Lilian and John Married he was shown on the  1901 census as a lodger in the house. The head of the house is listed as a sister  Annie I'anson born 1857 preumably from a previous marriage. The Wedding certificate lists the address as 221 Linthorpe Road and is dated May 19th 1902. My fathers researchd was given to me when he died, it has a copy of a 4 generation I'anson branch beginning with Leonard 1625 in Hauxwell and ending with George 1834. Looking at the trees on the I'anson international site the names on the tree match descendants of Capt John I'anson as

26 Leonard 
 32 Gabriel
  39 Gabriel 

siblings and wives are listed and match but this is the direct line i have. This was a copy handed down from an old bible but this is all the information i can find. Hopefully there are some I'ansons with links the Lilian or Thomas and hopefully then to the branches i have please can you help?

thankyou in advance Danielle.


From: Sarah Green

Dear IíAnson clan

Chanced upon your wonderful website yesterday and was thrilled to find your research that takes my branch all the way back to Capt John.
[William Henry I'Anson m. Sophia Breach]

My father has done a lot of research into many branches of our tree but didnít have much IíAnson information, heís 87 and was delighted to hear about your website, it was lovely for me to be able to illuminate him. So I send my sincere thanks to you!

Kind regards
Sarah Green
PS I have added some information for you from my dadís research.




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