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Letters Archive Oct-Dec 2000


Date: 22 Nov 2000
From:  Dorothy Empringham in Canada

Hi Maureen,

There is a copy of the I'Anson Book by Bryan I'Anson in the genealogy
library in Salt Lake City.

Dorothy Empringham

Date: 17 Oct 2
From: Paul I'Anson

Dear Mo
re generation 6 of Cap.John I'Anson: Bryan I'Anson m. Hester Saunders. From Ivan Sanders web page on AltaVista Hester is said to be great-aunt of Admiral Lord George Anson whose descendents became Earls of Lichfield.
May be old news! [Well, I didn't know that! MLI]
Best wishes
Paul I'Anson

Date: 15 & 16 Oct 2000
From: Paul (starlite@microdsi.net)

Hello Maureen, 
I am researching my 'Cundell, Cundall, Cundle' (you name it, they spell it) links through Scruton, and came upon your web site whilst doing a Scruton search.

The name I'Anson caught my eye, because I recently printed off a hard copy of a wedding register entry for (my?) William Cundle and Ellen Green, 9th September 1809. One of the witnesses was William I'Anson. This is from the LDS microfilm 1849407 of the BT's of Scruton.

I see you have a William listed as b.1773 - 1811, so I assume this is he.

Attached please find the scanned document. The entry is under No.142. This is as good a copy as I could get, from the LDS Film/printout/scan process.

If any of the researchers have any info on the William Cundle who's marriage this was, I'd appreciate hearing from them.

cheers ..... Paul

Date: 15 Oct 2000
From: Ann Marie Coghlan in UK

Dear Maureen, 
recently revisited the website and was very interested in the new info especially the transcripts. Sue Considine & I have recently been exchanging info. It seems that our respective grandmothers were working for the I'A relatives managing Pork Butcher shops around the same time- 1900-20, hers in Hull & mine in Preston. Is there any other info about this profession in the family or can anyone add to it. It seems a coincidence doesnt it . off to the Public Record Office this week for a root around!! 
ann marie coghlan 


Date: 11 Nov 2000
From: Sue Consadine (extracts)

Following my last e mail [see below]  . . .  The only Robert I can find born about 1842 is a Robert born again in Lancaster.  All roads seem to go to Lancaster. 
[NB I have two Lancashire Robert Janson/Iansons baptised 30 Jan 1844 in Warton; one was the son of James Janson/Ianson and Isabella, the other the son of William Janson/Ianson and Margaret Towson. No other info yet on these two lines.  Is there anyone out there researching Lancashire Iansons?? MLI]

Other information which may be useful to other Iansons is that I have found the following buried in Division Road Cemetery Hull, number on plan 3619. Records at Beverley as the cemetery was flattened in the 70s - 80s I think. 

John Sanderson Ianson 14.5.1877 aged 37
Jane Ianson 10.12.1922 aged 77
Robert Ianson 9.4.1946 aged 73

Date: 20 Oct 2000
From: Sue Considine in UK

I wonder if you or other fellow I'ansons can help me.  I have still not been able to obtain a copy of the birth certificate of Robert I'anson b 1866 Lancaster.

I wrote to Southport asking for a copy of Robert I'ansons birth certificate quoting information from St. Catherines House Index  and Roberts marriage certificate which stated that his father was also called Robert and that he was born Lancaster.  They wrote back saying the index was incorrect, so I wrote again this time with no index number just Robert I'anson b 1866 Lancaster father named Robert.  They wrote back saying no entry for Robert I'anson b 1866 father named Robert.  My last hope is to send for copy of his birth certificate but this time no fathers name, as possibly, the information on Roberts marriage certificate was not correct ie his father was not Robert.  Does it make a difference as to whether there is an apostopre in the I'anson name or not will they only search for the name as written in application?

Of course the information on St. Catherines House Index could also be incorrect, has any other researcher had a similar experience?

I've searched the 1881 census but to date no luck for that year, although there is a possiblity I've missed an entry.  He would have been 15 in 1881 so its possible he was working away from home.  Has anyone got any ideas on how else I could find information reference Robert other than visiting Family Records Centre and searching the entries myself?.  I have written to Lancaster Record Office also and they have no entry.  Although this could be due to boundary changes over the years I suppose.  My instinct is that the Robert on St. Catherines House Index b 1866 Lancaster is the one I'm looking for.  Can any fellow I'anson help??? 

Best wishes to fellow I'anson researchers
Sue Considine

Date: 3 Oct 2000
From: Elizabeth .Knight

I own a copy of the book by Bryan I'Anson. I was an I'Anson before I got married. I would be willing to sell this family tree if anyone were interested in it. My particular line of I'Anson's is finished. The last generation seemed only to produce daughters!.
Liz Knight

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