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25 Jan 2004 
From: Alex Askew 

Does anyone have any further information of this line? 

Descendants of James Ianson

1 James Ianson b: 1843 in Firby, Bedale, YKS Census: 1881 aged 28 at Fighting Cocks, Low Dinsdale, DUR Occupation: 1881 Pipe maker, Brickyard. 1901:Gardener. 

. +Sarah Jane b: 1862 in Langley Moor, Brandon, DUR, m: Bef. 1881 Census: 1881 aged 19, wife at Fighting Cocks, Low Dinsdale 

........ 2 Emily Janson b: 1882 in Fighting Cocks, Dinsdale, DUR Census: 1901 with her aunt Bessy Slater King at Medomsley* 

........ 2 John Janson b: 1883 in Darlington 10a 28 

........ 2 Annie Janson b: 1885 

........ 2 William Janson b: 1889 

........ 2 Lillian Janson b: 1891 

........ 2 James Janson b: 1893 

........ 2 Ada Janson b: 1897 

........ 2 Edward Janson b: 1900 

*Bessy Slater was my great grandmother and I wish to explore the link. 
Thank you, 
Alex Askew


3 Oct 2003 
From: Dane Eunson 

Those that claim the Eunson's as Viking in Orkney are false they are unaware of the true origin of the Eunson family. The Eunson's derive from a Alexander Ewenson who entered the Orkney Islands about the year 1502, he was a tenant of Suthergard. Ewenson is the Anglicized version of the surname MacEwen, Son of Ewen. The reason for the mix up is the fact that the name Johnson is pronounced basically the same way as Eunson. As well as many Eunson Orcadian's are unaware of the break up of Clan MacEwen in the year 1432, which forced the MacEwen's to dispearse throughout the country of Scotland. Everything from Yewnson's in the Shetland Islands to the Euenson's in Perthshire. Eunson looks very much like a Scandanavian surname and I have met many Eunson's in Orkney, they are extremely stubborn accepting that they are  Scottish in Origin. 
I doubt any connection between your surname and the Eunson Surname. [My emphasis MLI]

Thank You 
    Private First Class, USMC 
                   Dane Eunson

19 Nov 2003 
From: Martin Eggermont in Guisborough 

hello Dr Ille 

Having previously mailed you regarding Leonard Percy I'Anson. I find myself still digging for more without much success. 

However going through the records of the Middlesbrough North Eastern Daily Gazette of 8.5.1915 I found an entry regarding the death of Joseph Preston I'Anson of 78 Harford St, Middlesbrough, husband of Elizabeth, late of Leeds 
Its not much but I hope it helps you somewhere in your study 


Martin Eggermont

20 Sep 2003 
Reply to   David I'Anson from Stuart McKears: 
[the previous letters in this discussion are in the jan-jun archive -click here ]


Thank you for your interesting reply about Kathleen I'Anson. 

I suspect that the reason why you couldn't find the 'Villa' in Thornton Steward is one of perception. The 'Villa' is a farmhouse as Kathleen was a farmer. 

It certainly was still there when I made a detour while travelling back from Scotland about a decade ago and I took some pictures of it. Currently, even though I'm certain I turned up those pictures this year, I'll be dammed if I can find then. I will continue to look. 

The location of the "Villa": As you drive into the village there was a phone box on your left. Behind that you will see an opening leading down and away from the road. Follow that track which I think was the original farm entrance and you will come to a house which faces out across the dale. That is the "Villa". It probably worth going through the local paper archives looking for a farm sale '52 or '53 and getting a copy of her will. 

The farm, I believe, was quite large with all that land in front of the house belonging to the I'Anson farm. While I was there as a babe in arms, 1943 to 1945,   I do have very vague recollections of later visits and of the dairy with large containers of milk cooling, I'm told about sitting on the stairs during the pig killing and there are some pictures of me haymaking complete with pitchfork!  I will also look for those as they should show whether they were taken before or after my accident - post 1947. 

I'm afraid that my mother's dementia means that she only spasmodically remembers things but I will continue bring it up in conversation. However, Kathleen was my  grandmother's generation which is, I think, how we voluntarily evacuated from Bromley, Kent to Thornton Steward. 

As it turn out this was a good move as while I was in Yorkshire with my grandmother, one Saturday? while my mother was at home, there was a V1 attack. When the engine cut out, my mother dived for the Morrison shelter (the under table shelter) only to find my grandmother had packed all her china into it. She was half in, half out when the V1 came down two doors away killing the neighbours. 
The back wall of our house came down a Ma sticking out of shelter was thrown into back garden with minor injuries. Had I been there, 25 months old, things might have been different. So the "Villa" and Miss I'Anson will always be remembered in this family. 

I hope this information helps, I would be most interested to hear more about this branch of the I'Anson's. I will sort out photos butI do have rather a large collection. 

My personal site, www.mckears.com, contains a page about the McKears family tree. 

If you're on broadband, have a look at www.curesti.com my latest project which has absolutely nothing to do with the I'Anson's but I might as well get a plug in ;-) 

All the best 

Stuart McKears

2 Oct 2003 
From: M. Cunningham 

What a fascinating web-site! My congratulations for all the enterprise and 
dedication it represents... 

Does anyone out there have information on the descendents of Frances l'Anson (The Lass of Richmond Hill) and Leonard MacNally?

With Thanks, 


11 Nov 2003 
From: Tom Bewley at Balliol College, Oxford. 

Am trying to find out what has become of Charles I'Anson, b. 2 Nov.1934, History student at Balliol College, Oxford 1953-4 and 1957-61; later Head of History at Kettering GS. 

Any leads welcomed. 

Tom Bewley, Balliol College Publications Officer

Aug 2003 
From: Mike I'Anson 

Dear Maureen, 

As promised when I last wrote, I'm attaching some photographs from our recent visit to North Yorkshire. The reference numbers (#) refer to those used in 'The Descendants of Capt. John I'Anson' on the website. 

View these photographs

I actually took many more photos which I can post onto the Kodak website, as well as those attached, if anyone would like to see them.  You can order prints direct from Kodak, over the internet which are of a pretty high quality. They're not very expensive and I think they still have a special offer going, where the first ten are free. If you're interested please e-mail me and I'll arrange access for you. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these; please feel free to put them on the website as I'm sure they will be of some interest to those I'Anson's who'll never get the chance to visit the area themselves.  For anyone who is close enough to visit, of course, it's well worth the effort as the Yorkshire Dales are extremely beautiful anyway.  The highlight of our visit was definitely St Oswald's Church Hauxwell; it's a beautiful little church and I was quite surprised to find it so well cared for.  Not surprisingly, fundraising is an issue for them, so I've included a copy of a 'friends and neighbours' leaflet, in case any I'Anson's would like to make a contribution of any kind. These may be sent to: Mrs. S.M. Bailey, Hon. Treasurer, St. Oswald's Church PCC, Rose Cottage, Hauxwell, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5LS, United Kingdom (cheques payable to "St Oswald's, Hauxwell, P.C.C.") 

[N.B. I haven't yet figured out how to put a PDF file onto the website so can't give you the leaflet.   Sorry! MLI]

Incidentally, while I was there, I also bought an interesting booklet on the history of the church, which dates back over eight hundred years. It does actually mention John I'Anson of Hauxwell as being 'an ancestor of Frances I'Anson, the Lass of Richmond Hill'. I'm sure these could also be supplied at a fairly modest cost to anyone who's interested. 

With best wishes, 

Mike I'Anson



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