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19th May 2003 

Dear Maureen 

I was interested in Stuart McKear’s email referring to Miss Kathleen Elizabeth I’Anson of The Villa, Thornton Steward, as she was my grandfather’s (William Henry I’Anson) cousin. 
Her father John was an elder brother of my great grandfather Thomas Alfred I’Anson 

All records are from the North Riding of Yorkshire. 

John was born in Hunton and baptised at the local parish church of Patrick Brompton on 16th September 1860. 
He married Mary Jane Shields at Stanwick St John, on 20th April 1888.. 

The only three children of theirs that I have traced so far, appear in the parish records of Bolton on Swale, and have John as a farmer of Whitehills farm, Scorton, they are  - 
Gladys May, born 5th May 1889, baptised 9th June 1889. 
Kathleen Elizabeth, born 22nd May 1892, baptised 11th September 1892.  Francis Cecil, (no DOB given) baptised 8th July 1894. 

John died 20th January 1933 and Mary Jane 24th October 1933, they are buried together at Middleton Tyas, as is most of his family.  Both their obituaries appeared in “The Northern Echo” and their address is given as The Villa Thornton Steward. 

It does look as if it is Kathleen Elizabeth’s death in St Catherines records of March 1953, aged 60, recorded at Northallerton. 

I hope this has been of some help, and I would appreciate feedback from anyone. 

 David I’Anson     Darlington 

Date: 8 May 2003 

Dear Maureen, 

In the 1940s, as a babe almost in arms (I too was born in 42) I was taken up to Yorkshire to stay with a Miss I'Anson who owned the 
Villa at Thornton Steward. 

Over the years, my mother, who is now nearly 91, has often wondered about her. Clearly, she must be long time gone but if you have 
any information about her life, my mother would be interested. AFAICS from your site, John I'Anson/Mary Jane Shields would appear to 
be her parents if she was around my grandmother's age - Ma is now rather unclear about these things! 

Also, Ma thinks her first name was Kathleen who once again from your very informative site, might be the Kathleen who died in 1953 
aged 60. 

I did go back to Thornton Steward in the 1970s and was shown around by the then owner and, of course, couldn't remember a thing :-) 

Thanks for your time 


Stuart McKears



2nd June 2003 

During the 1940/50 period, I lived in Welham Road, 
Norton and there was an extremely tall lady who was reputed to be 'something to do with the Lass of Richmond Hill'. She was called Miss I'Anson--where does 
she figure in the family tree? 
                             Yours faithfully, THCampion 

18th June 2003 

Thank you for your reply. The lady concerned lived in Welham Road, Norton. I remember her living there between 1946 and 1952. The house in which she lived was between Brooksbank House [opposite the Avenue] and the lane leading to the fishpond. I hope that you know this location-the houses are now numbered but I do not know the numbering system-they all had names when I lived there and the houses to which I refer are on the left hand side of Welham Road going out of Norton : it narrows down to about three residences. They would be described by Estate Agents as ''Victorian Villas'. 
                            I hope that this will help in the search. 
                                  Best wishes, T.Howard Campion



11 June 2003 

My grandmother on my father's side was an I'Anson (Lydia Mary).  In 1980, one of my aunts wrote a booklet called "The Heritage of the I'Anson and Haywood Families."  In it, she states that when the I'Ansons (my great grandfather George Henry, wife Lydia Mary, and two children - Lydia Mary and George, Jr.) came to Canada they spent a short time in Toronto (about 1904-05).  My grandmother's diary gave two addresses - 1213 Queen Street West and 21 Shaw Street.  It is unknown who they were visiting or staying with.  However, on your I'Anson website I noticed that Debby Ianson provided a brief history of Iansons in Ontario, Canada.  Is there any chance that you could pass this message on to her to see if these addresses mean anything to her.  I just started doing my family history less than a year ago, so I'm looking for any leads I can come across. 

Thank you. 

Norman Haywood

Later 11 June 2003 

Thank you so much for taking time to look into that for me.  At this point I only have a limited amount of information on my I'Anson connection, most of which comes from that booklet that my aunt wrote.  My father died almost 5 years ago and I would give anything to talk to him about all this - I'm sure so many of us have gone through that long lifetime of indifference to our history and then all of a sudden when it's too late... 

Anyway, the bit of information I can provide to you if you want to add this to your I'Anson files is my great grandfather George Henry I'Anson was born 29 July 1861, married Lydia Mary Howlett (born 1861 died 20 July 1919) on 16 February 1890, and died 22 April 1918.  I'm not sure where either was born, but Lydia Mary's parents died in London so I'm assuming they were both either from there or met there.  They had two children Lydia Mary (born in Bermondsey, London, England on 15 December 1890 and died 22 October 1978 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) and George Henry Jr. (born in London 4 April 1892 and died in Martinez, California, on 27 September 1939). 

In 1903 the family emigrated to Canada.  My grandmother's diary (portions of which are transcribed in the booklet - I haven't seen the diary) states: "Leaving Edmunston, England at 9:30 PM... arrived at Eustation... Waited until ten past 12 for train to Liverpool...  April 23rd, 1903 at 7:30 AM boarded the ship 'Canadian'."  They stayed for a while in Quebec after arriveing there on 3 May 1903 and then went on to Toronto for that short stay that I mentioned before.  Eventually they moved on to the Fort William area (now Thunder Bay, Ontario - which is my hometown). 

Anyway, George Jr. sounded like quite the wanderer.  Evidently he married Helen O'Neill in California in July 1926.  They had two daughters - Helen and Jane.  Anything in your files on that line? 

About the only other thing I have on George Sr. when he lived in England also comes from the booklet: 

"He had been a wine tasting expert at one of the largest hotels "The Caledonian" in London.  It was owned by E.E. I'Anson, although it is unknown how they were related.  When it was sold [George] and his family moved to Folkestone in the southern part of England, but it was difficult to find meaningful employment.  He was a mailman for a little while." 

I take the "wine tasting expert" with a grain of salt since there are a few other items, especially on the Haywood line, that sound like they might be stretching the truth. 

Sorry to bore you with probably more than you wanted to know, but if you have any leads for me on any of these people (even that E.E. I'Anson) would be of interest.  Thanks again. 

  Almost forgot, I'm going to a bit of a family reunion/wedding anniversary later this month back up in Thunder Bay.  It's the 50th for my aunt who was one of George and Lydia's daughters (not the one who wrote the booklet - she died).  But it should prove interesting since some of them might have some good leads.  Not to mention I haven't seen most of them for over 30 years.  If there's anything really good on the I'Ansons, I'll be sure to let you know. 

Norm Haywood


Date: 13 May 2003 

I'm not sure if you can help?!  I am trying to trace my primary school teacher - Nick I'anson, I'm pretty sure that the message left in January 2001 is the same one, but I was unable to open the link.  The guy I'm looking for taught at Manor Field Primary School - Sussex from some time before 1992 and left in 1994 to teach in Butahn... 

Is there any chance you could let me know his email address - or post my message in the hope he'll see it?! 

Thank you in advance (?!) 

Kaitlin Battle

Date: 13 May 2003 

Dear Sirs, 

I would like to express my enjoyment playing in the I'Anson league for ten years now.  I believe the league is well run and organised including some of the most pleasent grounds in the Surrey area. 
However, this year ,like all the others I am continually frustrated by a 2.pm match start time.  This creates real diffuculty with any social arrangements of a Saturday evening. I seriously believe a 1pm start would relieve this problem AND assist with issues regarding poor light, or other weather conditions.  I do not accept the argument that people working on Sat mornings are penalised by this start time as the majority of saturday workers work for the whole day.  Furthermore this explanation is never levelled by  any other league including the Surrey Championship, and Fullers League both of whom start at 12 and 1pm respectively. 
It may involve a slight cultural change for clubs to start earlier but I am convinced it will improve both the cricket and prevent ruining Saturday evenings.  I hope you will give this serious consideration and vote could be taken by the clubs in the league. 
Many Thanks, 

David Gates
Peper Harow Cricket Club 

Letter forwarded to the I'Anson Cup organisers .

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