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Letters Archive April-June 2000

Date: 1 May 2000
From: Liz Beveridge of Durham, England

The I'Anson family surely have a chequered history and I can add to this. I have been unsuccessfully trying to trace relatives of Albert I'anson born Liverpool 1895/96 who married Eliz Gertrude Hughes and fathered twins born 1918 named Albert and Elizabeth. They died at birth but another daughter Evelyn was born 1920 although I have been unable to find any other details of her.  Albert was a bit of a lad as he married my mother in 1940 but failed to tell her he was already married. He used the name Anson on the marriage certificate and birth certificate.  After my brother and I were born he was convicted of bigamy and sentenced to 6 months in prison.  I have been unable to find any record of his death so far but would be grateful for any info as there is a part of my life incomplete. Although born in Bristol I am now living in Durham, England, my brother born and still living in Scotland. The marriage took place in Scotland and although I could not obtain a marriage certificate I was issued with the details from the Records Office.

Date: 13 May 2000
From: James White

Do you know that one of the oldest cricket leagues in the UK is the I'Anson league?  In 2001 it celebrates its centenary year. 
( I didn't know this!  Can anyone tell us more?  I did find this book reference on the internet:
A Cup for Cricket, by L.T. Pope - Fifty years of the I'Anson Competition (1951) - out of print

My Club (www.grayswoodcc.co.uk)
is one of the villages participating in the village cricket league that covers south west Surrey, north east Hampshire and north west Sussex.


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