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Date: May 2010
From: Robert I'Anson

Dear Dr M.L. Ille

I must congratulate you on the I'Anson International site and thank the contributors who have added to the information.

  • Francis (Frank) I'Anson & Isabella Horner Peacock are my great grandparents. 
  • William Thomas I'Anson & Elizabeth Roskell are my grandparents.
Francis is listed in the 1881, 1891& 1901 census. I have found my grandfather in the 1881 census living with his grandfather William I'Anson and in the 1891 census with his father (Gamekeeper) & stepmother at Hall Farm Yard Spennithorne.

William Thomas had a brother John Leonard (born 24 Dec 1874) who was living with an uncle William & Ellen I'Anson at the Mill West Hauxwell. in the 1881 census.

I would like to get more information on John Leonard if possible, he was a witness on my grandfathers marriage certificate 1/8/1901.

Robert I'Anson 



Date: Feb 2010
From: Matthew Nolan

Dear Maureen,

On your wonderful I'Anson website is a 2007 letter from Annette I'Anson Bloomfield.  We share the same Great Great Grandmother Amelia I'Anson in Australia. 

I would be most greatful if you could let me know her email address or pass mine on to her, as I would love to get in touch and share our information. 

Many thanks,

Matthew Nolan


Date: Sept 5th 2010
From: Brian Eden

Hi Maureen

Very many thanks for the trouble that you have taken to research my I'Anson ancestry.  I have passed several hours studying your findings and have come to the conclusion that the most likely scenario was as follows:

  • James Loveday l'Anson married Louisa Ann Benning circa 1840.
  • They had three children: Emily Louisa (b. 1.5.1841); Edwin James Joseph (b.  10.7.1843); Joseph Charles (b.  28.3.1845)
  • James' Wife, Louisa died 30.10.1863.
  • James then married Lydia Townsend (aged 40) in December, 1864. 
  • When James died in 1879, she continued to live in the same house as a lodger with Henry Jolly as head of household. Quite likely she was more than a lodger to Henry Jolly! 
The big puzzle is where does Louisa Ann Jansen (b 1841) fit in? Possibilities are that her Father was James' Brother; she was the illegitimate daughter of James' Sister, or the illegitimate daughter of James himself!

I much appreciate your help. 

Best wishes,



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