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Subject: I'Ansons buried in Western Cemetery in Hull
Date: 8 Aug. 2006

I have recently found some details of Iansons buried in Western Cemetry (Old General Cemetry) Hull who link into my family tree.  I thought this information might be of interest to other Iansons.

Grave No. 4227 Compartment No. 36
Ada I'Anson Age 17 days died on the 28 Feb 1866 and was buried on the 4th March 1866, burial no 3183. Place of death Margaret Street. Cause of death convulsions. She was the daughter of Robert I'Anson (Cork Cutter). 

Robert I'Anson was born in 1842 and christened Holy Trinity Church.  He married Mary Jane Clappison. They had a son Robert (b 1867) who was my great grandfather who was born at the address Margaret Street.

Lawrence Heslop I'Anson 4 months of age on the 4th Sept 1881, burial date 6th Sept 1881 Burial No 12280. Lived at 17 Spencer Street, son of Robert I'Anson (Grain Foreman). Cause of death  Diarrhea.

Robert I'Anson age 45 (b1842) died on the 9th Jan 1886, buried on the 11th Jan 1886. Burial No 13378 lived at 30 Lansdowne Street. Occupation foreman. Cause of death heart disease and dropsy.

Mary Jane I'Anson age 58 died on the 29th August 1899 and buried on the 2 Sept 1899 Burial No 15391. Lived at 2 Bowes Terrace, Waterloo Street, Widow cause of death Diarrahea.

There is another Robert I'Anson buried in the plot who was born in 1888. He was 3 months old when he died.  I think he was a son of Robert I'Anson my great grandfather (b1867) as he married in 1887 to Mary Winter. 


Sue Considine

8 Jan 2006

Hello All I'anson's,

I am attaching an image of a pencil drawing I have recently purchased at Auction.   It came from a substantial house clearance in Leeds, Yorkshire.    As can be seen it is signed I'anson and dated 1948. 
Can anyone identify the artist for me please? 
I'Anson Drawing 1948(click to enlarge)

Many thanks,
Robert Carmichael,
Kirk Ella,
East Yorkshire,

13 Jan 2006
Hi Maureen,

   Thank you for your help.   I shall be offering this picture for sale on the Art(Drawings) Section of Ebay in the very near future should any of your group be interested in acquiring it.

  Kind regards,




Subject: Charles I'Anson Sculpture
Date:  29 May 2006

I came across a cast sculpture by a Charles I'Anson in an isolated spot near Chapel Le Dale church on the way to Wernside Hill, Yorkshire. The figure is an archer but giving the impression of an alien creature.
I wondered if anyone in the family could tell me something of it's history.  A plaque mentions that it was recovered from Hurtle pot at one time and is now protected by the Bogart of Hurtle pot.  Let's hope it is.  It is a fine, if rusting, piece of art.

Bill Walker

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 

On your website you wished to know who else owns the I'Anson Family Tree book written by Bryan I'Anson. My half brother, Dennis I'Anson, ownsa copy andit it kept safely in a bank! 

Wendy Morgan 
nee I'Anson - descendent of the Quaker line.



Malton Gazette and Herald, Malton.Yorkshire            Sunday 26 th February 2006

I'Anson racing history

William I'Anson b 1810 Middleham, NRY successful trainer of Blink Bonny, Caller Ou and Blair Athol, lived at Hungerford House, Norton, trained at Spring Cottage and now rests in St.Peter's, Norton.

His brother Robert trained at Middleham and Robert's son , Robert ( b 1850 ) is described in the 1901 census as a racing official living at Chean Road, Ewell , Surrey.

According to Blakeborough's account of this great racing family, little is known of these two I'Ansons who do not appear to have emerged from the shadows of the eminent William.

Is this to remain the case?  Is there a racing historian who can record the racing achievements of these two Roberts ?

The younger Robert's eldest daughter , Julia May b 1875 married Percy Russell ( d. 1938 ) of the Malton brewing family.

Tim Morrell
The Lud, 34 High Holme Road, Louth, Lincolnshire. LN11 0EY 

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 23:47:25 +1100
From: Barbara Holland in Sidney, AUS

James Janson, born London 1809.  His father was Francis Janson, Doctor of Medicine.   Convicted at Old Bailey in 1832 and sent to Australia for life, I am a descendant of James and live in Sydney, Australia.   So far I haven't had any success in finding James' birth in London, searching through my 
local Historical society. 

I would love to know where we are from. 
Many thanks
Barbara Holland (nee Janson)

(from Barbara - cont.)

 Dear Maureen,   thank you so much for your reply.  Unfortunately, I don't have my James Janson's birth certificate, but I do have his convict documents, Permission to Marry,  Marriage and his Death Certificate and Probate. 

My James could read and write and taught his sons to read and write.  His place of birth is always given as London and it is on his death certificate (informant his eldest son, also James) where it is written :  Father - Francis Janson :  Father's Occupation - Doctor of Medicine.  James died on 10 August, 1888 and was 80 yrs old.

The list of male convicts by the ship Clyde in 1832 have James being 23 yrs old and a Ladies shoemaker, 4.1/2 years.Thought you might like to know 'his knuckles of middle fingers of both hands appeared dislocated'. 

James continued in bootmaking  (even while a convict) until his death.  But his fathers occupation was interesting and obviously the children of James had been told about this.  Unfortunately, the mother of James isn't recorded, which would have helped in the research. 

There was also another James Janson, trialled at Old Bailey and he was  a few years younger than my James, but he wasn't banished to Australia. 

When I looked at the South Australian I'Anson's I noticed that some of them are  Doctors, one with the middle name Francis and  wondered if there is a connection..........regards,   Barbara

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