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Date: 2001
From: Anthony I'Anson

I just happened to type in my family name and your site came up. I am 32 and was born in Liverpool. There are hundreds of I'Anson's still living there! My dad lived in the Walton area of Liverpool when growing up and a street called "Brehmar Street" not too far from Liverpool docks. My grandfather was in the merchant navy I think.

I left Liverpool at 18 to come to Stirling University. As you can see from the email, I'm still here. My brother also came up in 1997 and has a baby called Connie I'Anson, the first in Scotland I believe.

Anthony I'Anson
Stirling Internet Ltd.
1st floor, 48 Barnton Street
Stirling FK8 1NA
(01786) 446997

Date: 15 August 2001
From: Helen Pride in Nova Scotia

My British Grandmother Doris Winthrop gave my mother a copy of the History
of the I'Anson Family. My grandmother's mother was Sarah I'Anson.
That is all I know about her. Her name is on my grandmother's wedding certificate. I have not been able to find the family connection even with the book because the last entries in the family tree segment are not entirely complete.

I live in Nova Scotia but I am not a decendent of the Nova Scotia I'Ansons, my mother was a British War Bride and she immigrated to Canada in 1944.  My mother was born in Leeds and her mother, I believe, was born in Harrogate. If anyone can give me some information to help me find
the link I would greatly appreciate it.

Helen Pride


Date: 12 August 2001
From: Malcolm I'Anson in Hong Kong

Re: My Family by Brian I'Anson

There is another copy in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.  I read it in 1985.

Malcolm I'Anson
Hong Kong

Date: 3 Aug 2001
From: Ann Marie Coghlan in UK

Hello Maureen
 . . . Firstly I'd like to contact anyone who is looking for an Alice Ianson, born 1858 in Wolverhampton and living in Liverpool at the 1881 Census.

Secondly, I have a birth certificate which I don't think connects with my line.  If anyone would like it I'm happy to post it on to them.  The info is as follows: 

  • Registration district: Liverpool St Martin; 
  • Birthdate: 5 Nov 1857
  • Address: 10 Regent St.
  • Name: Ann Eliza
  • Father: Osmond/Usmond
  • Occupation: Beer House Keeper
  • Mother: Eliza Gibbons
Ann Marie



Date:  10 Nov 2001
From: John Davis in Ontario, Canada

Hello Dr Ille
  . . . I am distantly related via marriages to the I'Ansons through some Russell cousins. The Russells brewed Malton Ales (apparently a favourite of "James Herriot"!). I have thus been vaguely interested in the name but am not researching it at all. Maybe the late Douglas Lobb did (see October Journal) - he married my Aunt Winifred (Hammond) Russell late in life. Anyway the connection was of interest because of the place where I live which is the town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

There are two theories as to the origin of the town's name. One is from the Duke of Richmond who visited the area in the 1800s. The town is indeed on a slight hill. The second theory is based on the fact that an early schoolmaster in what then had a different name was keen on the "Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill" song and drilled it into his pupils. A published local history claims that the Town was thus named after Richmond Hill in England. I pointed out that there is no such town (though I believe Doncaster has a suburb of that name) and that Frances I'Anson was said to live ON not IN Richmond Hill. I hope they will correct it if they ever republish.

Response not expected. Just thought you might be interested to know how far Frances' influence reached.

Best wishes

John Davis


Date: 26 Aug. 2001
From: Deb Rawlins in Australia

Dear Maureen, 
I'm sure you get hundreds of e-mails from people about your I'Anson web site.[not really!] Well here is another one!... 
I have been running after my tail for years trying to find a family member...who it turns out..her name was I'Anson and not Janson as previously thought...I found the correct name one day then the next, found your web 
site...and there she was!... 
It was so wonderful. 
As you see I am a Rawlins (by marriage but I consider them my own) and yes a 
descendant of Leonard I'Anson and Maria Plested. I have written away to obtain a copy of the pamphlet you have spoken of by Jessie I'Anson. 

Do you have any contacts here in Australia linked with this family? I would love to have communication with someone here. 
Last of all...a big THANKS. I can't believe you have found out so much of the 
family and so far back. I'd love to know how you did it! Being in the right country helps of course. 
I look forward to any contacts you can send me!...Deb Rawlins.. 

Date:  Sun, 17 Jun 2001
From: Ann Burleigh in Australia

Dear Maureen,
     It's ages since I last communicated, though it is not for lack of activity on my side of the world.   One of the THURLBY side of the family has unearthed some good information regarding the link between the I'ANSONS and THURLBYs in 1812: 

MARGARET JANSON & THOMAS THURLBY in 1812 at Edmondthorpe, east Leicestershire, right on the Rutland border.(Source: Leicestershire Marriage Index 1801-1837).

This almost certainly identifies our THOMAS T. who has come across from Swayfield in Lincolnshire.   There is an old claim within our family notes that THOMAS THURLBY's wife MARGARET JANSON was the younger sisiter of SARAH MARGARET & JOHN SAMUEL's father, JOHN JANSON (b1774).   JOHN JANSON & MARGARET may have set out for the south 

MARGARET meanwhile marries a THURLBY & JOHN JANSON continues on to London where he marries MARGARET SARAH DAVIS on
10.9.1814 at St.Botolph's Algate.  He is listed as a wool draper.

JOHN senior's father is FRANCIS and his mother ANN.  Earlier you discussed with me whether JOHN could have been form FRANCIS & ANN PALMER, or the other ANN (who now looks like ANN MOUNCEY m.23.11.1773 
E.Witten,Yks.)  Their children.....

  • JOHN JANSON  c. 9.10.1774  Hauxwell 
  • ISOBELLA JANSON c.6.6.1786, Spennithorne
  • ELIZABETH JANSON c. 24.1.1780  Spennithorne
  • ANN JANSON    c. 19.5.1782  Spennithorne
  • MARGARET JANSON   c.26.11.1788  Spennithorne
In the I.G.I. ANN has no surname [NB This marriage needs checking in the Parish Register- -which village?]

Were there any other children born 
between JOHN & ELIZABETH?   I'm aware that WILLIAM JANSON & ISOBELLA (DENNISON) as well as MILES JANSON & MARY were in Spennithorne at that time. 

William's son JOHN's christening date would fit more appropriately, being 3.2.1788 - though cannot be, logically. If the JOHN above is correct he would have been 
40 yrs old when he started his family in London.  It just seems to be 
such a coincidence that these dates fit and that they are all family names.[NB They are also very common names in all families!]  THOMAS & MARGARET THURLBY's children were JOHN,  WILLIAM and 

I hope you may have some thoughts on this or be able to direct me on to someone who could shed more light on the connections.

Looking forward to hearing from you,    Yours sincerely, Ann Burleigh
(nee Thurlby,grt grt granddaughter of Sarah margaret I'Anson) 


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