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Letters Archive Jan-Mar 2000

Date: 7 Jan 2000 
Name: Tom Hair 

I have been searching the web for over two years looking for a page like yours. . . 

My I'Anson, is my G.G. Grandmother a Mary I'Anson (#92 iii ) who was born on 24/6/1845 at Rosy Hill, Brompton on Swale of John and Elizabeth I'Anson nee. Fenwick. John was a farmer. 

Kenneth Vernon another I'Anson researcher, not, unfortunately online [MLI] of  Stockton on Tees linked my line with John (#92) child of Leonard and Mary Hislop (#70). He could not find Thomas and Jane and thought they might be suspect entries. He sent me the Bryan I'Anson Family tree. 

I was quite supprised to see your ref: to John and Elizabeth Fenwick and their daughter Mary on the link you gave. I gather you are using this tree as part of your source material. Pray tell . . . where 
did you obtain the references from, as they are not recorded on this tree? info was supplied by Mervin Ashby of Harrogate who has a new e-mail address and I cannot now contact him!  The numerals here refer to those on the decendency report on Capt John I'Anson [MLI]

Kenneth Vernon's line is from John of South Cowton (#122). . . . 

I have a little information on Mary and lose her after the 1881 census in Liverpool. She was living in Dunn Street, Newcastle in the 1871 census and I find that on that census there is a Isaac and Elizabeth I'Anson living three doors away. I have no idea of their relationship. . . I also have a reference for a R.N.R fifth Officer A.C. I'Anson of the White Star line 'Athenic' in the rescue of the passengers and crew of the U.S. steam ship Munamar on 3/5/1920. Again I do not know who he belongs to. 

P.S. My favourite Icon is Iesus Pantocrator. Christ the Judge. 

Date: 25 Jan 2000 
Name: Trevor I'Anson from Leeds, England 

My eldest brother Francis has done a considerable amount of work tracing the family back from the present day using public records, the census etc.and I have been collating it together along with the information on your web site.  We have now been able to establish a direct link back to William I'Anson of Middleton Quernow dated 1677.  In fact I have hand painted a complete family tree for my brother as a christmas present from 1677 to 2000.
My brother and I visited the village this last autumn and also the neighboring village of Wath which is where the local church is and therefore 
most of the records and history. We intend to go back in the spring to continue our investigations and to see if we can delve back a little bit further into the family. 

I would like to be able to get the information that my brother and I have collected somehow either on to the web or sent over to you but as I am not very knowledgeable about computers I dont know how to begin. My only other alternative is for me to send you a copy of our family tree. 

NB The research of Francis and Trevor is now on the website. MLI



Date:  2 Jan 2000 
From:  Ann Marie 

Hello Maureen and any other relatives. 
    As other I'Anson descendants, I have had difficulty in getting "hard info" to back up the family story, but from reading the website it looks like I'm at last on the right track. 
    My maternal grandmother was Ada Ann Baguley, born in about 1880 to James Baguley (ships engineer in Liverpool) and Ann I'Anson. There was also a sister, Elizabeth and possibly other siblings. Ann died when the girls were tiny.  They had a nomadic existence until the I'Anson relatives took them in. Ann had eloped with James and married "out of her church" so the girls were raised on the condition that they became Catholic. 
   Ann's brother (James??) was a mysoginist and died intestate.  The estate went into Chancery about1920 and James B. was claiming it on behalf of Ada up to his death in the twenties.  We were told as children that we were related to an Earl -again, I couldn't find a blue blooded I'Anson, but there's Thomas on the website! 
    I'm very happy to hear from anyone who has connected info or knows of Ann's parents. 

Further information from Ann Marie: 
Date: 4 Jan 2000
I made a bit of a mistake in my original note to you.Grandmother Ada Ann's sister was Florence (Auntie Florrie) who was born in the late 80's. She was the witness at my grandparents wedding and signed herself Florence I'Anson Baguley on the marriage certificate.(1907/8 ST Ignatius, Preston)  . . . .    As I said before, the story is that they were rescued and raised by the family until Grandmother was able to work (this may have been her choice) She went as a maid to Liverpool, but later went to Preston to manage a Pork Butchers shop which was owned by the I'Ansons on Newhall Lane where she met Thomas.
 Florence also met and married there -  John Porter, who owned an ironmongers shop in the area.  . . Two further generations were born & raised in Preston, including me, and I've spent a few happy hours(!) in the library checking places out, but haven't tracked down the shop.

By the way, I did come across a reference to I'Ansons in Manchester who owned a Cotton business in the 80's, do you have these? 
I don't [MLI]

Back to the story.  I found a Florence I'Anson on a database born 1884 in Garston (Liverpool) Father James? and there were loads of them at that address, anyway she had emigrated and ended up in Windsor Ontario d 1956 Obviously its not my Florence . . .

 I also think that if the Garston family are catholic theres a good chance that they could be connected. What's putting me off slightly is that Grandmother had said that she'd lived in St Helens/Birkenhead before going to the I'Ansonss and they couldn't understand her accent . . . 

. . . the relatives were always portrayed as more right wing than the Pope and this came from a devoutly catholic woman!  Ada's birthday is 2.2.1880(?).Not sure of the year. Died 1946/7 at 8a Stewart St, Preston. I will check these years.
 I have other stories but will save them for backup for research. Hope some of this helps and hope to hear from more I'Ansons soon! 


Date: 19 Jan 2000 
From: Neil McCarthy in England 

For the past few years my Partner and myself have rented a holiday cottage in Harmby (A mile and a half from Leyburn. NRY). This cottage is part of a 
converted stable/barn complex built (we think) in 1841. The date stone is a  bit worn but clearly shows the name 'Thomas I'Anson'.  I never gave it much  thought until a visit to Easby Church near Richmond. where I found a commemorative plaque inside the church to (I assume) the same Thomas I'Anson of Leyburn. On speaking to the owner of the cottages, she told me that a beam in the adjoining cottage to our own had Thomas' name carved in it along with that of one I. L. Hampton. This carving was as crisp and as clean as the day it was carved. She also told me that a lady in Leyburn was intersted in researching the name I'Anson as local legend said that 'The Lass of Richmond Hill' had once lived in her house just off the Market square. 
I intend to send her the details of your  web-site to help her on her way. 

The aformentioned cottages are about 10 to 20 yards down Harmby Bank, off the A684 (opposite the Pheasant pub) marked with a millstone carved: 'Harmby Holiday Cottages' 

If you'd like anymore information please feel free to e-mail me. 


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