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Letters Archive Jul-Sep 2000
NOTE: Museum now closed until Easter 2001
The I'Anson exhibition will probably not continue in the same form although there may be a reference to it in the new displays.MLI
 Date: 31 July 2000
From: Angus Goodfellow of Richmondshire Museum

Dear Dr Ille
I'm pleased to say our I'Anson Weekend went off successfully with eighteen I'Ansons attending. . . A number of family meetings took place, in particular Mr Trevor I'Anson from Morley, Leeds and Mr David I'Anson from Darlington met face-to-face after much e-mailing, to discuss setting up an I'Anson reunion.

A suprise visitor was a young Australian woman, Anne Winning, from Brisbane.  She was in Richmond for two days with the object of going to Hauxwell, and decided to visit the "local museum", knowing nothing about our event.  She arrived to be greeted by fellow I'Ansons.  She said her family left Wensleydale at the beginning of the 19th century, which ties in with information on your website.  She is very aware of her I'Anson past, saying they can trace their roots back to Christopher . . . and the family has a copy of Bryan I'Anson's book.

I was sorry our meeting did not take place.  I hope you have the opportunity to visit Richmond some time. [NB: I was attending the Pennsylvainia Reunion, scheduled at the same time (typical!) so couldn't make the Richmond weekend MLI

Yours sincerely
Angus Goodfellow

  Date: 2 July 2000
From: Janson Edwards

Just to let you know that I am descended from the I'Anson Family through my mother's line. She was born a Janson and lived in Sussex during her childhood.  Her father was in Lloyd's of London, Vice Chairman at one stage I believe and several of her ancestors were in the same line of business going back to John I'Anson of Leyburn and Finsbury Square (Circa 1708). He changed the name from I'Anson to Janson for ease of spelling - it is said!  . . . 

 . . . My mother is now 83 and has three sons and four grandchildren and she lives in Gloucestershire. She had a brother, my uncle, Guy Janson, who died recently aged 92 / 93 and who lived in Lewes, Sussex most of his life. He was a farmer in that area. 


Date: 4 July 2000
Name: Susan Silverthorne

Hi Maureen, 
According to 'family gossip' there may be a link between the I'anson family and the Pantlin family. My husband's mother was a Pantlin and his grandfather burned all the records. . .

. . . Do you know of a marriage link with a Pantlin? 
[I don't - does someone out there? MLI]

Susan Silverthorne (nee Heseltine)

Date: 5 Sep 2000
From Pat Flynn, USA

Hello Maureen, how is everything in England? The new website/format is excellent.
I have an idea I'd like to run past you. I'm planning on pulling together several tales of Grandma Ruth's life and times in PA covering life in those days as well as some humorous events. I would like to put this in booklet form for the next I'Anson family reunion in PA. Have you any suggestions? Perhaps I should start my own website with this type of literature?
Will there be a I'Anson family reunion in Yorkshire next year? If so, I'd like to make an effort to attend.
I have reviewed your homepage with diligence and have yet to find a complete listing of the I'Anson family-where can I find that information? 
I hope all is well with you,

Regards, Patrick J. Flynn

[NB I have tried to make a list of all the Iansons on my database, but that would simply be a long list of names and dates that do not link to one another -- e.g. 126 William Iansons, 131 John Iansons etc etc. MLI]

Date: 6 Aug 2000
From: Laurel "Sherrie" Eriksen, USA

The 3rd Ianson Reunion was held on July 29, 2000 at Brydonson Farms in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.  There were 72 in attendance form all over the United States.  Washington, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, New York and of course Pennsylvania just to name some.  We also enjoyed having Tatton I'Anson and his niece Maureen Ille with us again this year from England.  The food, fun, and fellowship was great.  The day was a little cool and overcast with some rays of sun breaking through, thankfully the rain held out.  Many enjoyed tossing horseshoes or playing volleyball.  There was also a tour of the sap house and a sampling of maple goodies (yummy, thanks Bryan!) [NB Bryan Ianson, the host of this gathering, makes maple products from syrup to candy MLI ] Two wagon loads and a few cars made the trek to the family cemetery where more family memories were shared.  We all listened to information that Bryan Ianson shared on the "Lass of Richmond Hill"  . . . We also saw a picture of the coat of arms and the family crest [of the I'Anson baronets], and the book "The Lass of Richmond Hill."  There were many pictures and stories (including a few ghost stories) passed around and just a good time had by all.  So mark your calendar for the last Saturday in July 2002 and plan on coming over to the old Ianson homestead at Brydonson Farms for the 4th Ianson reunion.

Laurel "Sherrie" Eriksen
(an Ianson granddaughter) 

See pictures of the event here: Pennsylvania Reunion 2000



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