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Date: 19 Sept 2009
From: Barry I'Anson

HI Mo 
I am Barry born 30/09/1943 twin brother to Roger born 20/9/1943 (now living in Clermont Ferrant France). My father is Ernest one of 11 brothers and sisters born in Burnley.  My grandfathers name was John I'Anson a chair maker in Burnley his wife was called Palmer and I believe was from that area.  My grandfather came from between Liverpool andPreston not quite sure.  My father is now 97 years old and lives in Morecambe. 

I have a brother and sister Robert Fredrick and Margaret they are also twins.  Robert lives in Bolton Margaret lives in Blackburn I live in Darwen. 

I dont know all the names of my fathers siblings but here are the ones I can remember first born was William killed in 1st world war I don't know the order of the others.  The names are Allan, Fred, John, Ernest, and Ben who was the youngest killed in 2nd world war.  I believe he was the tail gunner in the  RAF.

The sisters are Margaret who is still living Janey and Ida.  Ida's married name was Thomlinson; Margarets was Fleming. There are a couple missing I will try to find out from my father if this is what you want.  If you need any more let me know specificaly what you want and I will try and get it . 
Best wishes 
Barry (barry.ianson@btopenworld.com) 

Date: 15 Jan 2009
From: Ian Cameron

Hello there,

I am currently researching the family tree of a friend, Bryan Ward, and have found several I’ansons in his direct line. The information I have to date is as follows:

  • His grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth I’anson, born 29 May 1880 in Holbeck, Leeds and died 9 April 1952 In Batley. She married Harry Ward on the 27 April 1907 at Staincliffe Church, Dewsbury.
  • Sarah’s father was John Elison I’anson born about 1860 in Leeds and he married Elizabeth Rodley on 8 March 1879.
  • John’s father was James I’anson born about 1831 in Holbeck, Yorkshire and he married Rachel also born about 1831 in Holbeck.
I hope these few details are of interest and would be grateful for any further information on the above and their families.

Thank you in anticipation,

Ian Cameron (annenian@ntlworld.com)



Date: 26 May 2009
From: Martin Elliff

On the following page of your excellent website:


I think the husband of MARY ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. 15 June 1872, 
Stockton-on-Tees; d. February 1928, Stockton-on-Tees
should be John Hauxwell (GRO Marriage Index Jul-Sep 1917 Ref 9d 1127).

My 4th cousin, twice removed, Eliza Elliff married Mary Elizabeth's 
brother Alfred Edward.


Martin Elliff (martin.elliff@btconnect.com)


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