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   Date: 20 Nov 1999
  From: Susan Consadine in England

Robert I'Anson was my great grandfather born   1866   . . .  He married Mary Winter in 1887, they had four children, Lilly, Mary, Robert and Edith Alice.  Edith Alice was my paternal grandmother, born 1907.  Roberts father was stated as also Robert on his marriage cert in 1887 (Hull) stated as deceased. 

A Robert I'Anson was living in Hull in 1881, 17 Spencer St. with wife and children, one was also called Edith Alice, possibly my grandmother was named after her. 

I would like to join I'Anson one name society, how do I join?

**We do not have a One-Name Society yet -- is there anyone interested in setting one up and running it?  I'm afraid I do not have the time to do it.**

 - I was unable to help with this line
Is it connected to anyone out there?

Date: 27 November 1999
From: Irene McCartney in England

Dear Maureen,
I wonder if you could include the details of my side of the I'Anson family on your bulletin board in the hope of contacting others with the same connections?
My  grandmother, Elizabeth Ann I'Anson was born in Stockton on 17/11/1878. Her parents were James Henry I'Anson, ( born in Stockton on 31/1/1843) a merchant seaman and Elizabeth Taylor. His father was John I'Anson and mother, Mary Lamb were married in Stockton on 20/10 1842. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate any of the above mentioned on any census so far. However, I have just found the father of John on the 1851 census. He was James I'Anson (born in Lincoln 1788) - occupation was a mariner. He was married to Ann Longstaff at Bishop Middleham, Durham in 1810 and they have apparently remained in the Stockton area until the date of the 1851 census. 
I would be most interested to hear of any connections with this family in Durham, Yorkshire or Lincolnshire.
Best Wishes,
Irene McCartney

Date: 8 Aug 1999 
From: Ian Marlowe in England 

Dear Dr. Ille, 

I found your e-mail address and web site via the Guild of One-Name Studies.  I wonder if you can help me at all please? 

I am trying to research the ancestors of my great x2 grandmother Emily Louisa Ann I'Anson (hereinafter abbreviated to ELAI).  I have only a few pieces of information (plus a nice photograph taken, I guess, around the turn of the century): 

I have found her baptism entry: 5 September 1841 at St. Mary's, Lewisham, daughter of James and Louisa I'Anson.  James was then a soldier.  ELAI was born on 1st May 1841.  I have searched through St Catherine's House but I can't find the corresponding birth certificate. 

ELAI married John Joseph Gibbs on 23 July 1861 at St. Mary's Lewisham.  One of the witnesses was a Louisa I'Anson.  ELAI's father James was described as a Confectioner. 

My grandmother reported an old family tradition that ELAI's mother's surname was Denny, and that she had been at boarding school in Ireland and eloped with a Scotsman.  Lord knows if there's any truth in that one! 

At that point I was stuck for a few years.  Earlier this week I bought a computer and started looking on the internet.  As well as finding your web site, I found Ancestor Records on the Mormons' site for ELAI and James.  These entries suggest that they were both born in High Wycombe: ELAI "about 1841", and James before 1815. 

I should be most grateful if you can shed any light on ELAI and James' ancestors. 

Yours sincerely, 
Ian Marlowe (Dr.) 

- can anyone be of help tracing back this line?



In response to a letter from Len Ianson I started this Bulletin Board in January 1999.

Date: 7 November 1999
From: Bob Adams

Dear Dr. Ille,
    I happened upon your fascinating web site in search for information about James Janson, Quaker co-author of A Guide to true peace [1813], with William Backhouse.  You posted a very interesting account of that branch of the family that included some information about James, but there were 
no dates for him, apart from the sad fact that he died at the age of 37. 
Do you have dates for James Janson?  They might be about 1785-1822 if he married at 23 years of age in 1808. 
Thanks and congratulations on a splendid piece of work.
    In Christ,

Robert M. Adams, Curator, Christian Quotation of the Day

James Janson (I'Anson) is on the 'big' family tree so I was able to supply Bob with the information he needed.  He has a page on his website relating to James Janson for those interested.

  Date:  Dave Jones in England
From:   October 1999

 Dear Dr Ille,
 I have been having this thought now for some time, of researching into my wifes family name, so, by chance I conducted a internet search on the name I'Anson.   I was absolutely astonished to find there was not only several references to the name, but your web site.

My wife, Margaret I'Anson, her two sisters, Joan and Iris and her brother John are now living in the  English Midlands. Their parents James Christopher I'Anson and Maud Baylis lived in Birmingham UK.

 James Christoper moved from a village in Derbyshire where he lived with his brother, John William (known to us as Jack) and his wife Ida Weaver, for most of his life he worked on the estate of Lieutenant Colonel J R G Stanton of Snelston.

The father and mother of  John (Jack) and James , John William I'Anson and Amelia Brown, also lived in the same village, where he was head groom to the Colonel (Stanton).

I have been talking to my relatives recently looking for birth/marriage/death certificates so I can hopefully put some ages /dates on the data. I also have an
article on the Shire Horses of Snelson, which could be useful, once I can get it scanned in.

Thank you for a very interesting website.

    David Jones

We look forward to including his wife's family line in due course!

Date:  Tue, 15 Dec 1998 
  From: Len Ianson in Canada 

I am very interested in your web site I am an Ianson living in Powell River BC Canada. I have been trying to find information regarding our family name.  I have gotten as far as my Great grand father Alfred James Ianson born in Toronto Ontario date unknown. 
Thank you for a very interesting web site 
Lenard K. Ianson. 
Hope to hear from you . 

Can anyone help? 


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