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From: Katie Chesworth 
Date:  Mon, 19 Mar 2001 

Dear Maureen 

I am currently in UK at the moment from Australia. I am very interested 
to know of you whether i can get a copy or look at this book titled below while i am here. I appreciate that only 60 copies were printed and that to get a hold of one of these may not be possible but if you could get back to me in regards to its availability and the likelihood of getting a copy this would be invaluable to me. 

I am in England for another three weeks and i am staying at the Seale Hayne campus of the Plymouth University. The nearest town to here is Newton Abbot 

Many thanks Katie 

Bryan I'Anson, The I'Anson Family History, 1915 (60 copies printed) 
Availability: British Library, London; 
London Library, St James Sq., London. 

I have been unable to help -- can you? MLI


These are extracts from an e-mail I just received and I thought it might be of interest to some of you. [MLI]

Colin Buck 36 Kirkwood Way Cookridge Leeds LS16 7EX 
                    Established 1994 

Dear Dr Ille 
I run the Postcard Index, which is at the moment, a collection of over 70,000 picture postcards. I index the name and address of the recipient. The aim is simply to unite these old cards (I cover the years 1899 - 1950) with anyone who has an interest in the original recipient. Full details are on the Internet . . . 

The cards are only £1 each plus a SAE. As a matter of interest I enclose the list of cards I presently have in the name/s you are interested in. 

1. Miss Emily I'anson 7 Oswald Avenue Wortley Leeds Dated 1925 
2. Mr Theo I'anson  Dean Close School Cheltenham Dated 1910 
3. Mrs I'anson  Salcombe Lavender Vale Wallington Surrey Dated 1907 

Yours Sincerely 
Colin Buck 
Please make any cheques payable to COLIN BUCK 

On the Internet at: 

NOTE:  Colin has now retired - 
See "Links" on Site Map / Contents page

Date: 23 Jan 2001 
From: Sue Considine 

Please find 1851 Census [for Hull and Beverley] as promised, sorry about delay.  I will check other entries for the 1851 for East Yorkshire on my next visit to the library and will email them.  If anyone wants me to look up individual entries I will be happy to do so, only they will have to be patient as I only manage to get there once a week. 
Best wishes Sue C. 

Date: 6 Jan 2000 
From: Tom Holden (Toronto, Canada) 

Hello Dr. Ille, 
"Mary, the sole surviving daughter of William and Mary Ianson, married William Cudworth, grocer and druggist, of Darlington, whose widow she remained for over fifty years, and whose business she carried on for many years.
. . . What a pleasure it was to turn up this reference to my great-great-great-grandparents Cudworth on your website and to open up another branch in my family's genealogy and history. Hello, from Toronto, to all my newfound cousins (6th +/-)! 
I have just started, after an interval of 10 years from my previous small efforts, looking into the trees; what a difference the Internet has made! A Cudworth history by Joseph J. Green, privately published in 1898 by the same firm that made the Ianson Family book transcribed on your website, gave me a great head start on that line. PDF files from the book can be accessed on my embryonic website at http://holdent.tripod.ca/ . I am one of the sons of Helen Elizabeth Cudworth, one of the four daughters of William Oswald Cudworth at whom Green's pedigree chart ends. 

Your website is a model of organisation and good taste and I will be perusing it further with great interest. With your permission, I would like to link to it. 
Tom Holden 


From: Sue Considine 
Date:  Wed, 28 Mar 2001 

Thought this might be of interest to those researching I'ansons particularly those related to Leonard who married Mary Heslop.  Robert I'anson living in Spencer Street, Hull in 1881 called one of his sons Laurence Heslop I'Anson and one of his sons George Leonard (born Dec 1869 Hull 9d), is this just coincidence or could it be that this family are linked to Leonard and Mary Heslop.  I believe Leonard had one son named Robert and it is possible that he too had a son called Robert.  Hope this makes sense.  I am still trying to verify whether I link into this family. 

Another interesting fact, there were three girls possibly triplets born in Hull in 1869 (Sept) Anne Ianson, Mary Ianson and Sarah Ianson ( 9d 123). 

Other births found that may be of interest to someone out there. 

Ada         Sculcoates   Mar  1866 
Robert     Lancaster      June 1866 

Robert      Bedale         Dec 1867 

Mary Ann Sculcoates June 1868 
Tom         Hull            Sept 1868 
James      lancaster     Dec 1868 
Robert      Catherington Dec 1868 

Walter Bury March 1869 
Francis Darlington June 1869 
Richard Darlington June 1869 

John William Sculcoates Mar 1870 
Mary Ann      Hull          Mar   1870 

Francis Margaret Dec 1870 

N.B. According to the family tree, looked at Leonard and Mary Heslop and they did have a son called Robert and according to the information he died after 1881.  The Robert living in Spencer Street, also died between 1881 and 1891, coincidence!!! 

Date: 5 Feb 2001 
From: Graham Collyer in England 

The I'Anson Cup cricket competition is celebrating its centenary this year. The cup was donated by Edward Blakeway I'Anson of Grayshott, Hampshire, at that village's cricket club dinner in November 1900. It is the oldest village cricket league in the country in continuous existence. 

E.B. I'Anson was the elder son of Edward I'Anson JP, and was born in London and educated at Cheltenham College and Cambridge University. He followed his father's profession and was architect and surveyor to St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, and was responsible for much notable work in London, as well as being architect for hospitals and convalescent homes around the country. 

His family connection in Grayshott began in 1861 when his father bought an estate there. He lived in London, where his sister kept house for him (he was unmarried) and spent his weekends in Grayshott. 

I would be delighted to know if he can be fitted into your I'Anson family tree. 

Graham Collyer 
Secretary, I'Anson Cup cricket competition.

Date: 22 Jan 2001 
From: Nick I'Anson 

Dear Maureen, 
The day before yesterday, I was spending time on the Internet, when I decided for no other reason than curiousity to enter my surname into the Search facility of Yahoo . . .  I came across the I'Anson International website, which I found fascinating but, looking at the various family trees, I was unable to find any connection to my own line. However, I was able to make a connection in Tom Hair's letter of Jan [7th] 2000. 

The A.C I'Anson mentioned was my grandfather.  He was a career merchant seaman and, I believe, for much of his life was based in the Southampton area. Unfortunately he died in 1959 when I was only one or two years old. . . . 

Over the years, I have met by chance two unrelated I'Ansons. One lives in Sussex and the other in Perthshire. I did not see any reference to either of them in anything mentioned in the site. 

Regards and best wishes, 
Nick I'Anson. 

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