I'ANSON international
Descendants of Capt. John I'Anson
(from the family tree in Bryan I'Anson's book, submitted in this form by Mervyn Ashby of Harrogate)

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1I'ANSON was born Abt. 1465 in France, and died Abt. 1546 in Ulverston, Co. Lancaster.

Notes for JOHN I'ANSON:

John I'Anson, captain of a Man-of-War in the reign of Henry VIII., was the first of the family in England, and apparently, after the overthrow of Richard III., settled down in the Parish of Hauxwell, Richmondshire, where he married and where the two sons whose names are recorded at the College of Arms were in all probability born. The surviving Hauxwell Parish Records do not commence until 1593 and, as John I'Anson appears to have left no Will, the known facts are that:
Children of JOHN I'ANSON are: 2. i. CHRISTOPHER2 I'ANSON, b. Abt. 1500, Hauxwell, NRY; d. Abt. September 1577, Hauxwell, NRY.

3. ii. JAMES I'ANSON, b. 1505, Hauxwell, NRY; d. Abt. 1584, London.

iii. MARGARET I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1505, Hauxwell, NRY; d. Unknown; m. ? KILBURN(E), Unknown, Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. CHRISTOPHER2 I'ANSON (JOHN1) was born Abt. 1500 in Hauxwell, NRY, and died Abt. September 1577 in Hauxwell, NRY. He married ISABEL MOORE Bef. 1545 in Unknown, daughter of ROBERT MOORE.


Christopher, the elder son of John I'Anson married Isabel Moore and appears to have lived the simple life of a Yeoman. There is no indication that he, at any time, left Richmondshire, and little information is to be gathered from his Will an abstract of which follows:
1577. Sept. 18
Crestoffere Janson, of Hauxwell.

Whole of mind and sick and feeble of body. To be buried in the Churchyard of Hauxwell. To Ralph Janson my son half my wayne and half my plough gear &c. To John Hutchanson my son in law. To William my son. To Isabel my wife my whole tenement in Hauxwell for 3 years then half of the same to my son Ralph with half of Barden Close. Residue to my said wife and my six children, viz. "Lanslot, Anne, William, Elizabeth, Syth, and Jeannie" "whom I make my whole Exix." Witnesses Wm. Lupton, clarke parson of Hauxwell, Rawphe Lupton, Thos. Lupton, Willm. Lupton, Willm. Turnere and others.

Pd. by Isabel the Relict and Exix. 18 Nov. 1577. (Eastern Deanery of Richmond.)

4. i. RALPH3 I'ANSON, b. Abt. 1545, Hauxwell, NRY; d. Bef. 19 May 1623, Hauxwell, NRY.
ii. ANNE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1546; d. Aft. 1619; m. RALPH BAYLEY, Unknown.
( Ralph Bayley was a member of the Vintner's Company of London, and was its Master in 1609.  See the "Herald's Visitations of Essex" for the Bayley Family Pedigree.)
5. iii. WILLIAM I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1547; d. Unknown.
iv. ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1548; d. Unknown.
6. v. LANCELOT I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1548; d. September 1624, Heybridge, Essex.
vi. SYTH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1549; d. Unknown.
vii. JANE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1550; d. Unknown.
viii. ? I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1551; d. Unknown.
ix. ? I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1552; d. Unknown.
3. JAMES2 I'ANSON (JOHN1)was born 1505 in Hauxwell, NRY, and died Abt. 1584 in London. He married AGNES/ANNE CARLYLL Bef. 1560 in Unknown, daughter of WILLIAM CARLYLL.

Notes for JAMES I'ANSON:

A Vintner of London.
Buried at St. Gregory's, "Powles Churchyard"
Children of JAMES I'ANSON and AGNES/ANNE CARLYLL are: 7. i. BRYAN3 I'ANSON, b. Bef. 18 August 1560, London; d. 10 November 1634, Ashby St. Ledgers.
ii. MARGERY I'ANSON, b. Bef. 4 July 1563; d. Unknown.
iii. HENRY I'ANSON, b. Bef. 14 February 1567/68; d. Unknown.
iv. ? I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Bef. 1584, Buried at Powles Churchyard, London.
v. ? I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Bef. 1584, Buried at Powles Churchyard, London.