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Dedicated to the efforts of T.H.Wolstencroft, who edited and published the first "I'ANSON TIMES" in 1976-80 from Whaley Bridge, Stockport, England, and whose original header is used here. That first effort at uniting the I'Ansons clan in an I'Anson Society was difficult to circulate and publicise at that time. 
We hope to have more success this time with the advantages of the internet.
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This dedicatory issue of the electronic I'ANSON TIMES brings you the following two articles of general interest 
extracted from Tom Wolstencroft's early newsletters: 
Chancery Records
General Election of 1807
These editions of the newsletter have been sent to me by Tom Wolstencroft and Chris I'Anson (I'Anson Bros. Ltd., Masham). 
If anyone still has other editions, please forward copies to me.



Chancery Records

(Sept.1976, by T.H.Wolstencroft)

The Court of Chancery has for centuries held proceedings to settle disputes over land tenure, contents of wills, and Wards of Court. The documentation left in the wake of these deliberations is immense and the number of people recorded, Defendants, Plaintiffs and Witnesses, make a valuable contribution to Family History.
Early this century an index was prepared of English names appearing in the records and I have extracted all references to the name I'Anson. The bundles of records are stored at the Public Record Office, London and are available for inspection. Alternatively, photocopies can be ordered by post. A Typical order, however, would cost in the region of £10 so personal inspection is easier on the pocket! . . . 

The very least information available in these documents is the age, occupation and residence of the defendant, plaintiff and all witnesses. The names which follow could be a selection of all three categories. . . .
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The General Election of 1807

(May 1976, by T.H.Wolstencroft) 

The first and only session of the third Parliament of the United Kingdom was brought to an end in the spring of 1807 by King George III over the question of discriminationagainst Catholics, being relieved. It helped to cover grave abuses in the department of the Paymaster General. (What's new about Watergate?)

The two retiring members for Yorkshire were William Wilberforce who, in the last Parliament, had seen the culmination of his life's work against slavery, and Mr Walter Fawks of Farnley Hall. Mr Fawks did not seek re-election so the seat was disputed by the Hon. H. Lascelles, son of Lord Harewood, and Lord Milton. Lascelles was the Tory, Milton the Whig or Liberal. 

After a lively election that saw the Riot Act read in Leeds, with horse soldiers pursuing the election crowds with drawn swords through the streets, Lord Milton won the seat.

List of I'Ansons in the Poll Book for the County of York 1807:
  • John I'Anson p.38 (Woollen Draper of Wakefield) 
  • Bernard I'Anson p.220 (Clothier of Batley) 
  • James I'Anson p.215 (Farmer of Ugthorpe and Lyth, Cleveland Area) 
  • John I'Anson p.140 (Brewer of Melmerby, Nr. Wath, NRY) 
  • William I'Anson p.140 (Yeoman of Langthorne and Exilby, NRY) 
  • George I'Anson p.148 (Yeoman of Bellerby, NRY) 
  • John I'Anson p.103 (Gentleman of Ripon and Burton Leonard) 
  • Henry I'Anson p.? (Present in Poll Book but Editor's mistake in page No.) 
  • Christopher I'Anson p.? (Present in Poll Book but Editor's mistake in page No.)
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