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From: Genealogical Magazine of NJ, May 1985, Vol 60 No. 2 
Walnut Grove Baptist Cemetary, Village of Mt. Freedom in Randolph Township:
Ianson, John, see Miles Ianson
Ianson, Miles, d. May 24, 1856, aged 90 years,. On same stone: John Ianson, d. July 8, 1861, aged 78 yrs., "Brothers"
Ianson, Thomas; wife Nancy J. b June 22, 1816, d. May 2, 1884
From: Surrogate's Divisions, Book A, SA465
Thomas Janson and his wife Kesiah Janson of Randolph Township, deceased, intestate, (Orphan's Court, Dec 1848). Petition for division was by their children John H. Janson, Miles Janson, JR., John Janson, Aaron Cramer, and Nancy, the wife of  Silas C. Clark.  Other heirs were Ann Amanda Cramer who was the daughter of Maria Janson , deceased, the wife of Aaron Cramer, Joseph and Henry Janson, the sons of Thomas Janson, deceased. The last mentioned Thomas Janson and Maria were the children of Thomas and Kesiah Janson, deceased.  Ann Amanda, Joseph and Henry were all minors under 21, no guardians.  Silas C. Clark and Nancy conveyed their share to John H. Janson and John Janson. The first tract had been conveyed to Thomas and Kesiah Janson the 23rd of January 1826 by Miles Janson, Jr., it was located on the road from Calais to Black River. The second lot had been conveyed by Joseph Meeker on June 1st 1798 to Kesiah Janson, corner lot to which Thomas Janson had purchased of said Meeker.  Commissioners: Daniel P. Merchant, J. W. Drake, and Gilbert Budd.  March 22, 1849 (No additional Surrogates information.)
Morris County Divisions from Orphan's Court Records, Book A (bound with book one) Beginning March Term 1804, A:49,51
Miles Anson, deceased., testate, (Orphan's court March 1805) John Anson and Miles Anson, sons were executors of MIles, deceased.  Robert Anson also a son, deceased, whose executors were Thomas Whallon and Elias Briant.  Sophia Anson is named the mother and guardian of Robert Anson, the minor son of Robert (page 71). Commissioners: Thomas Dell, Nathaniel Clerke, and Thomas Logan, Jr. July 1805. (no more information).
Miles Anson, Jr. m. Elizabeth King 18 Mar 1823, Mt. Freedom Presbyterian Church
Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789

Janson, Bernhart*
State : PA;  County : Philadelphia Co.;  Location : Philadelphia
Year : 1742

Janson, Georg Wilhelm*
State : PA;  County : Philadelphia Co.;  Location : Philidelphia
Year : 1763

Janson, James
State : NJ;  County : Middlesex Co.;  Location : New Brnswk N Wd
Year : 1783
Page # : 005;  Census type code : Tax List 
Additional source information : AUGUST ASSESSMENT

Janson, John 
State : NJ;  County : Salem Co.;  Location : Elsinboro Twp
Year : 1774
Page # : 137

Janson, Madlen
State : NJ;  County : Gloucester Co.; 
Year : 1687
Page # : 010;  Census type code : Tax List

*Janson, Madlen 
State : NJ;  County : Gloucester Co.;  Location : Lower Stockholme R
Year : 1687 
Page # : 010

*Janson, Peter
State : PA;  County : Philadelphia Co.; Location : Philidelphia
Year : 1753

*Janson, Symonse
State : NY:  County : New York Co.;  Location : South Ward
Year : 1703
Page # : 399; Census type code : Colonial Census

Janson, Thomas
State : NJ;  County : Salem Co.;  Location : Elsinboro Twp
Year : 1774
Page # : 137

Janson, Thomas 
State : NJ;  County : Salem Co.;  Location : Elsinboro Twp
Year : 1774
Page # : 001;  Census type code : Tax List
Additional source information : AUGUST ASSESSMENT

Janson, Thomas
State : VA;  County : Surry Co.; 
Year : 1782
Page # : 43;  Age ranges in household : 01-10

Janson, William 
State : CT;  County : New London Co.;  Location : Stoneington
Year : 1670
Census type code : Residence List

Heitman, Francis B. Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, 1789-1903, Volume 1 (Washington, DC:US Government Printing Office, 1903.)

Alphabetical List of Officers of the Regular Army (From Its Organization, September 29, 1789, to 1903) Who Were Killed or Wounded in Action or Taken Prisoner. 

page 56
 I'Anson, William H., surg 1 Va vols.

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