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I'Ansons/Iansons/Inesons in the 1881 Census

(Note: this census did not include Scotland or Ireland)

  • The spelling of the name was subject to the interpretation of the enumerating officer and does not necessarily reflect the way the name was actually spelt.
  • The vast majority of these I'Anson/Iansons/ Inesons were resident in Yorkshire, about two-thirds of the total.
  • There were stray families in Cumberland, Kent, Lincolnshire, Northumberland and Staffordshire. Generally, though, the I'Ansons who stayed in England do not seem to have liked moving from the North.
  • Compare this distribution for 1881 with the one following for 1997. 

I'Ansons/Iansons on the 1997 BT Phone Disk

A similar analysis has been carried out of I'Ansons/Iansons on the BT Phone Disk 1997. Allowances must be made for the new county boundries, but the results show a similar preference for the North, although there is now, as might be expected, a greater tendency to move away. 
  • About 25% were in North Yorkshire 
  • About 10% in each of the counties of Cleveland, West Yorkshire and Lancashire 
  • About 5% in each of the counties of Cumbria, Tyne and Wear, North Humberside and London 
  • Strays now in many of the remaining counties of England and a few  in Wales.
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 Dr M.L.Ille