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1. Will extracts from Brian I'Anson's Book

2. Wills and Administrations Details
for Richmond Archdeaconry/County
[submitted by Mervyn Ashby of Harrogate]

Source: Leeds District Archives, Sheepscar, Leeds.

1723  Ianson, Thomas of West Witton   Adm.
Administration granted to Matthew Ianson de West Witton, Yeoman, Nathaniell Cookson de Richmond and John Halliday de Askbrigg.

1727  Ianson, Leonard of Moore house   Will
Will dated 30 Sept. 1727, proved 14 Oct. 1727:

I give and bequeath to my Son Leonard Ianson the Sum of twenty Shillings.
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Jane Jaques the Sum of Five pounds.
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Auton the Sum of Four pounds.
I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Outh.. the Sume of Four pounds.
And I hereby make and apppoint my Dear and Loving Wife Elizabeth Ianson full and sole Executor.”


1738  Ianson, John of Kipling     Will
John Inyson of Kiplin, Carpenter, left six pounds to his brother, Christopher and to Christopher’s daughter (not named) one shilling.  The rest of his Estate was left to Ann: Matt (spinster), who was also named as the sole Executrix. 

1749  Ianson, Christopher of Danby upon Yore  Will
Appoints his cousin John Dodsworth of Hindhouse near Danby upon Yore, Yeoman and Henry Horner as Trustees.
Bequests to:
Ann Ianson, his sister;
Richard Dodsworth & John Dodsworth, sons of his cousin Jno. Dodsworth; and
Margaret Jackson.

1754  Ianson, David of Aisgarth    Will

In the Name of God Amen
I David Ianson of Aysgarth in the County of York Taylor being old and infirm in Body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make constitute and ardain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.  ffirst I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my beloved Wife All that my House wherein I now Inhabit with the Garden on the North Side thereof and a Stable at the East End of another House of mine wherein Reginold Hamond doth now Inhabit and also all that ffield or Parcel of Ground called Well-garth with Pasture Grass in Aysgarth Cow Pasture proportionable to the Annual Stint of Six pence to be by her my said Wife sold as soon as possibly and conveniently she can after my Decease towards the payment of my just Debts.  Likewise all the Rest of my Estate real and personal of what kind soever and wheresoever I give divise and bequeath unto my said beloved Wife she paying thereout all the Remainder of my just Debts if any beyond what the money arising from the sale of such my Estate above devised to be sold by her and of funeral Expenses and hereby make her my full and sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament revoking all other Wills by mee heretofore at any Time or any way made and constitute this my last Will and Testament only.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand Seal this fourteenth Day of July in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty four.
David Ianson
Sealed signed published and declared by the said Testator David Ianson to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have as Witnesses subscibed our Names in the presence
of the said Testator
Chr: Sympson, Sworn, Margaret Ince, Chr Sympson junr.
Novr ye 29th 1754 Elizabeth the widdow sole Executrix of the Will of her late husband was faithfully Sworn faithfully to execute the same to pay his Just Debts & legacies as far as his effects shall extend & the law shall bind her & that she will exhibit a true & perfect inventory of his personal goods & chatels when thereto lawfully call’d.  Sworn before me John Dupont Surro:

November the 26th 1754
We whose names are subscribed have particularly and strictly examined into the Circumstances and Effects of David Ianson late of Aysgarth deceased and cannot find upon such Examination that the personal Effects left to his Widdow his Executrix will amount above the value of Three Pounds Ten Shillings.
Chr: Sympson, Tho: Gunsall, Will: Berry, Will: Metcalfe


1819  Ianson, Robert of Middleton Tyas   Will
Note attached to Will: “Nov 25th 1802 Buried Robert I’anson farmer, very aged”

The Will of Robert I Anson of Middleton Tyas 1819

This is the last Will and Testament of me Robert I’Anson of Middleton Tyas in the County of York Farmer.  I give and bequeath all my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature and kind soever unto my Son in Law Mark Harrison of Moulton in the said County of York Farmer his Executors Administrators and Assigns upon the several Trusts following (that is to say) Upon Trust in the first place to convert all my personal Estate into Money, and thereout to satisfy and pay all my just Debts funeral Expences and the Expences of the probate of this my Will And subject thereto Upon further Trust to place the same money (arising as aforesaid) out at Interest upon such Security or Securities as he my said Trustee his Executors or Administrators shall think fit And to pay the Interest and produce there of unto my dear Wife Dorothy I Anson or her assigns, as it shall from Time to Time become due and payable or to permit her to enjoy the same for and during the Term of her natural Life or for so long as she shall continue my Widow, And from and after her Decease or Intermarriage then upon further Trust to call in and pay my sd. Personal Estate and Effects in the following Manner, to wit the Sum of ten pounds a piece (part thereof) to my Grandchildren Elizabeth Harrison and Ann Davison when they shall respectively attain the Age of twenty one Years with Interest after the rate of four pounds per Centum per Annum from my said Wife’s Death or Intermarriage which Event shall first happen And as to the rest and residue of such Money personal Estate and Effects Upon Trust to pay the same and every part thereof unto my three Sonts Robert I’Anson Christopher I’Anson and John I’Anson equally amongst them Share and Share alike, when they shall respectively attain their Ages of twenty one years And that their Receipt or Receipts or the Receipts of my said Grandchildren shall be sufficient Discharge to my said Trustee his Executors Administrators or Assigns.  And I do direct my said Trustee his Executors or Administrators to pay Interest to my said Sons for their respective shares of my said personal Estate (from and after the Decease or Intermarriage of my said wife) after the rate of four pounds per Centum per Annum until the actual payment of the same.  And I do hereby nominate and appoint the said Mark Harrison sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament upon the Trusts aforesaid – hereby revoking all former and other Will or Wills by me at any Time heretofore made and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament set my Hand and Seal this twenty first Day of November one thousand Eight hundred and two
Robert Ianson
Signed sealed published and declared by the said Testator Robert Ianson as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us
R: Pybus, John Crowther

24th April 1819
On which day personally appeared before me Mark Harrison the executor within named and was sworn duly to administer the goods chattels and credits of the within named Testator and that they did not at his decease to the best of his knowledge and belief amount to the sum of Three hundred pounds.


1820  I’Anson, Robert of Scruton    Will

The Will of Robert I’Anson of Scuton 20th June 1820

In the Name of God Amen.  I Robert I’Anson of Scruton in the County of York Inn keeper being weak of Body, but of Perfect Mind and Memory thanks be given unto God: calling into mind the Mortability of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say First I give and bequeath to my Sons Robert, and Christopher I’Anson’s fifteen pounds each with their eighth share of Legacies left by Mr Christopher Walker being of the Value of thirtyfive pounds each which together make Fifte pounds each to be levied out of my Estate or Securities of Money to be paid to them (and enjoyed by them or their Heirs and Assigns for ever) by my Executrix herein after mentioned.  I also give to my Son Robert I’Anson all my Messuage or dwelling Houses and all the Garths, Gardens belonging the same situated at Newby upon Wisk in the Parish of Kirby upon Wisk after he has paid to my Daughter Ann Hamilton, and my Daughter Dorothy Draper the Sum of Sixty pounds each Robert I’Anson my son to enjoy the rest his Heirs and Assigns forever Also I give to Ann I’Anson My Son William I’Anson’s Widow all that part of my dwelling House situate in Scruton during the term of her natural Life or remains his Widow with the appurtenance enjoyed by her as Tenant there of at the end of either term.  I give the same to Her Son George I’anson paying Ten pounds to his Sister Elizabeth I also give to my Daughter Mary I’Anson whom I likewise constitute make and Ordain the sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament all and Singular my Lands Messuages Tenements together with all my ready Securities of Money with all my Household Furniture moveable Effects whatever by Her freely to be possessed and Enjoyed, excepting she shall give to my Grandaughter Jane I’Anson one Hundred pounds with half the furniture if she should Marry, or if she should Die the my Grandaughter to have ye Whole.  And I hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other Former Testaments, Wills Legacies Bequests and Executors or Executrixes by me in any wise before named, willed and Bequeathed; ratifying and confirming this and nother, to be my last Will and Testament.  In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this Twenty first Day of January In the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventeen.
Robert I’anson
Signed, sealed published announced and declared by the said Robert I’Anson as his last Will and Testament, in the presence of Us, who, in his presence, and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names
Robert Colling, Mary Morland, Ralph Pounder

June 20th, 1820 On which day personally appeared Mary I’anson the within named Executrix and was duly sworn well & faithfully to Administer the goods chattels and effects of the within named Deceased and that they did not at the time of his decease to the best of her knowledge amount to the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds within the Archdeaconry of Richmond before Thos. Dockeray Surrogate.

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