I'ANSON international

Early I'Anson Wills and Administrations
Indexed for Richmond Archdeaconry/County
Source: Leeds District Archives, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar, Leeds LS7 3AP.

Act Book I: 1600-1700

1620/05/03 Robert Ianson Aysgarth Will & Inventory
1625/05/03 James Heyanson [Ianson] East Hawkswell Inventory
1630/11/16 Samuell Ianson 
(late vicar of Aysgarth)
Aysgarth Admon & Inventory
1630/11/16 Tristram Ianson 
(clerk, late curate of Aiskrigg)
Aiskrigg Admon & Inventory
1640/06/02 John Iumson [Ianson] Kirkby Ravensworth Admon & Inventory
1659/09/30 Parcivell Ivison [Ianson] Skeeby Will
'New' hand recording index:
1664/03/26 Leonardi Janson Hawkswell Will, Inventory & Bond
1668/04/18 Jacobi Janson Thorpe cap. Hudswell Will, Inventory & Bond
1668/02/28 Alicia Janson East Hauxwell Inventory & Bond
1676/05/20 Jacobi Janson Thorp Inventory & Bond
1677/11/01 Georgii Eyneson [Janson] Hunton Will, Inventory & Bond
1679/02/13 Tristrami Janson Askrigge Inventory & Bond
1680/08/21 Danielis Janson Aysgarth Ad.Act
1683/10/22 Maria Janson "Adv. de bonis non" Act
1686 Brian Jamson [Janson?] Startforth Will, Inventory & Bond
1689/02/08 Margareta Janson Layburne Inventory & Bond
1696/04/06 Roberti Janson Aisgarth Ad.Act & Bond
1699/01/27 Robert Janson Newton in the Willows Will, Inventory & Bond

Act Book I: 1700-1800+

1710 Ralph Ianson Hudswell Will
1710 Mary Ianson Bardon Admon
1713 Matthew Ianson  Bardon p:Hawkswell Will
1721 John Ianson [Ionson] Cowling Will
1723 William Ianson Layburn Will
1723 Thomas Ianson West Witton Admon
1727 Leonard Ianson Moore house Will
1728 Henry Ianson  Layburn Will
1729 Ralph Ianson Finghall Admon
1730 Gabriel Ianson Constable Burton Admon.
1732 Leonard I'anson East Hawkswell Admon.
1738 John Ianson Kipling Will
1745 John Jamson [Ianson?] Eccleston Abbey p:Rom Will
1749 Christopher Ianson Danby upon Yore Will
1754 David Ianson Aisgarth Will
1759 William Ianson Leyburn p:Wensley Will
1765 William I'anson Langthorne p:Bedale Admon.
1766 William I'anson Hawkswell Admon.
1768 William I'anson Kidmoor p:Pat:Br: (Patrick Brompton) Will & Tuition Bond
1777 Henry I'anson Leyburn p:Wensley Will
1780 Elizabeth I'anson Richmond Will
1784 Thomas I'anson Richmond Will
1784 Margaret I'anson Patrick Brompton Will
1809 William Imeson [Ianson?] Askrigg Will
1815 Mary I'anson Leyburn Admon.
1819 Robert Ianson Middleton Tyas Will
1820 Robert I'Anson Scruton Will
1831 Leonard Ianson Hauxwell Will
1833 William I'Anson Spennithorne Adm.
1837 Deborah Ianson Leyburn Adm.
1845 George I'Anson Bellerby Will
1848 Thomas I'Anson Prior House, Richmond Will & Cod.
1851 Grace I'Anson Richmond Will
Under 'E'
Iance? Janae? Eyonson de East Hawkswell Renum: see entry fo.31 AB 1680-94
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