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..  A clump of trees on a mound in Potter County, Pennsylvania,  shelters a small private graveyard. Almost lost among the tall grasses is a stone column, some four feet tall,  marking the grave of Miles H. Ianson (1818-1870) and his wife "B.B" (1819-1889).  Research by the descendants of Miles H. Ianson, in particular Bryan Ianson and his wife Donna (who discovered his grave), has revealed that he was born in New Jersey and married his wife, Belinda Betron in western New York state. 

Most of his descendants have been traced to the present day thanks to the input of many members of the extended family at a couple of recent family reunions. However, hard investigation has failed to reveal the New Jersey family into which Miles H. was born.  There is a strong possibility, however, that he is connected to another known branch of the Ianson/I'Anson clan - one that emigrated from Yorkshire (Wensleydale) in two waves, first at the end of the 18th century and later in the mid-19th century. (This branch of the family is related to the horseracing/curling I'Ansons, every generation of which had a son called Miles, and back to their earliest traced ancestor who was also called Miles.)

Gravestone of 
Miles H. Ianson

Inscription on the opposite 
side of the gravestone



Miles and Belinda are the only Iansons known to be buried in this tiny hilltop cemetery.  Many of the descendants of Miles H. Ianson are buried in other small cemeteries nearby - notably the Ianson Cemetery itself..

Dr M. L. Ille