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Ianson Family Reunion 1998
Potter County, Pennsylvania

  • In July 1998 a reunion was held at the farm of Bryan and Donna Ianson of Potter County, Pennsylvania. 
  • Bryan now owns land that includes the original homestead of  Miles H. Ianson, as well as the Ianson Cemetery.
  • Almost all those at the reunion were descendants of Miles H. Ianson and his wife Belinda  who had first settled in this beautiful countryside.
  • Two notable exceptions were Tatton Welborn I'Anson and his niece Maureen Ille (author of this web site) who had been invited from England to join in the festivities.

A small selection of snap-shots of the day

Above: Kenneth Ianson (deceased) and his wife Grace (taken from a family album)

Right: descendants of Kenneth and Grace at the reunion (Grace, at centre, died a few months later)

A ride that included a visit to the graves of relatives at the

Tatton and Jacob 
closing the generation gap!