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MILES I'ANSON was the second son of Myles and Elizabeth I'Anson of Spennithorne  (see An I'Anson Wedding in Finghall ).  He was baptized on 2 August 1730 at the parish church.  Miles married Mary Harrison and they had five children in Spennithorne, William, John, Miles, Thomas and Mary, before they emigrated to the New World in 1774.  By that time two of their infant sons (William and John) had died.  They sailed from the port of Hull, Yorkshire, aboard "The Albion" bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia, and arrived there May 6th, 1774 (see Albion Passenger List) They must have made their way south, then they began life in Morris County, New Jersey, with three children - Miles (aged 6), Thomas (aged 3) and Mary (aged 1).

The couple had two more sons, John and Robert, both born in Mount Freedom, Morris county.  All are named in the will of Miles Ianson dated April 23rd, 1802 (Morris County, New Jersey) [the Calendar of Wills 1801-1805 names him Miles JANSON]

Of these children, Miles and John lived together having inherited their father's "plantation" together with their brother Robert.  Both Miles and John are both described as "single" in the censuses, and on the county register of deaths (but was this true? - there is a stray Miles H. Ianson, born NJ, married in western New York state, founder of the Pennsylvania branch of Iansons).  Robert died in 1804 leaving an unnamed wife "bed and bedding, one cow and $250 in lieu of her dower".  Apart from $50 for his mother, Mary, the residue of his estate was to either go to his child or children "if any hereafter", or be divided between his three brothers, Miles, John and Thomas.  Other research has revealed that Robert's son, named Robert, was after Robert had died. [the Calendar of Wills 1801-1805 names him Robert ANSON]

NB: Spelling variations [I'Anson, Ianson, Janson, Anson, Ainson] 
are making this American research very tricky!
Descendency Narrative of Miles I'Anson 
Iansons in Pennsylvania

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