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Graves of Ianson Soldiers of Potter County

Two of the graves in the Ianson Cemetery in Potter County, Pa are those of men who served in the American armed forces. For those of us not from the United States of America, the graves of military men who served their country in times of war are recognisable by the 'stars and stripes' that stand beside their headstones.

The two graves so marked in the Ianson cemetery are those of Gordon A. Ianson (1922-1947) and Jefferson Ianson (1887-1941)


Iansons in Another Potter County Cemetery

Ayers Hill Cemetery is not far from the Ianson Cemetery and there two more Ianson graves have been found by some careful detective work by Donna Ianson.

  • The graves only have the simple official markers shown on the right. 
  • The letters that once formed the name on one of the markers were scattered in the grass.  Careful gathering and arranging of the letters spelled out "VESTA IANSON"
  • Vesta was the wife of Ezra S. Ianson (b.1889), so the other marker lying nearby must be at the site of Ezra's grave.  There is only a rain sodden paper within a rusty and broken metal frame remaining to mark this grave.