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[contributed by Toni Reed, USA ]

 Publication Date: March 10, 1997
 Source: Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, PA ;  Page: B-3 
 Region: Pennsylvania 

"Elizabeth 'Betty' Ann Bates, 71, of 1156 Olde Hickory Road, died unexpectedly early Sunday morning at home. An autopsy has been scheduled for today.   She was the wife of Robert C. Bates, who died in 1977.  Born in Cranford, N.J., she was a daughter of the lateFrancis J. and Ethel I'Anson Linehan.  A homemaker, she was a member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church.  Surviving are two daughters, Barbara B., wife of Cliff Tritt, and Elizabeth M., wife of Walter Bulat, both of Lancaster; a son, Bill, husband of Debra Bates of Upper St. Clair; seven grandchildren; and a sister, Ethel M. Linehan of Oakhurst, N.J.

History of Morris County New Jersey, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of prominent citizens and pioneers. Outline history of new Jersey, 1882. 

Captain William Duncan, of the Morris Greys, being unable to get his company accepted in a New  Jersey regiment, raised one for the District of Columbia volunteers, to be attached to the President's guard. On the 28th day of January 1862 he left Morristown with 70 men of whom 42 were from Boonton. On their departure they were addressed by the Rev. Mr. Ellison and Rev. Mr. Irving.  A large concourse was assembled to see them off. The following is the roll of the company: 

  • Captain, William Duncan; 
  • First Lieutenant, George Willenbucher; 
  • Sergeants--Theodore Riley (1st), W. W. Carroll, Abram Kingsland, Elias Millen, Joseph Smith; 
  • Corporals--Jacob R. Peer, Jesse Jennings, Anthony Adams, John Moreland, Sam Brooks, Josiah Davison, Barney McMackin, A. M. Halliday; 
  • Privates--W. M. Atkins, Daniel Benjamin, Aaron E. Bonnell, William Babcock, William R. Bishop, William Bryan, Henry Bronson, James Burk, Charles Conklin, Daniel Carey, Patrick Clark, John Conley, Daniel S. Cravet, James Daley, Arthur Drew, Franklin Eghan, Horace Elmer, Charles Evans, Henry C. Fedes, Charles Grinder, Abraham Gulick, William Gray, Nicholas Hill, William Hopler, S. B. Harrison, Samuel Horner, Robert Hudson, Joseph Hartman, Henry D. Ianson, John Jennings,  Joshua Jenkins, Michael Kennedy, John W. Kelley, John Lowery, James List, Cornelius Miller, G. B.    Phineas Meyers, Thomas Murphy, Thomas E. Miller, David Marston, James McCoy, Peter McFarland, James McNulty, George Oliver, Peter Peer, Nelson Peer, Merinus Peer, George W. Pierson, Timothy L. Palmer, Mitchel Robear, Elias J. Roff, Harry Reese, George Sharp, Edward J. Smith, Garret Smith, Whitaker Taylor, Jacob N. Thatcher, Ira Van Orden, John Vanduyne, James T. Vanduyne, George Weir, George M. Whitehead, Frank Wildeman, James Whitten, Theodore Wilkins, William Young. 
Somerset County  Historical Quarterly

At the time of the drawing, these lots, except those on Main street, were of little value (estimated at about five dollars each), and when those who had drawn them came to the ground and found its condition, they were disappointed and sold their deeds for trifling sums, leaving the purchaser to insert in them the name of such grantee as he chose. This accounts for many deeds having no grantee, or grantees who were not those who drew the lots in the lottery. Lot No. 2 was the homestead, and the first prize in point of value, and the list, as well as the diary of Mr. Johnson, shows that it was drawn by Andrew Minuse; yet the deed for this lot was made by John Davenport to Peter Vredenburgh, who did not participate in the drawing so far as the list shows, and it is quite apparent that he purchased the deed in blank and inserted his own name as grantee. Time and legislation have now cured all defects in title that may have existed, and what was once a nuisance has become, in part at least, a beautiful residential quarter. 
         Lot No. 245.     Lewis B. Ianson. 

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