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Miles Samuel Inglis I'Anson

Miles S. I. I'Anson: Clerk of the Course

Miles Samuel Inglis I'Anson was the first of William I'Anson Senior's five sons to be born in Malton. The Racing Illustrated of 5th September 1895 included his photograph in their article on "Malton" (pp.146ff)

 "Mr Miles I'Anson, the very popular Clerk of the Course and Stakeholder, has kept on the Blink Bonny breeding establishment since it was bequeathed to him, and the yearlings are sold annually at Doncaster in the St.Leger week. The sires at the farm at present comprise old BEAUCLERC, SELBY, BREAD KNIFE, BOSPHORUS, KENILWORTH, WATERFORD, INGOLDSBY (a brother of CHITTABOB, as some will guess) and a promising young stallion calledPETROS, brother of ST.SERF, that has this season been visited by fifteen nice foaling mares. The brood mares at the Blink Bonny establishment are about ninety in number, twenty-three belonging to MR MILES I'ANSON and the remainder to his brother WILLIAM, and to Messrs. C.Perkins, P.Buchanan, Stevenson, W.R.Reid, and James Tait, junior. . . MR MILES will send no fewer than seventeen [yearlings] into the paddock on Friday."
Miles was living at Hungerford House, Malton, at this time, a house that had been purchased by his father in 1867, and where he lived until his death, as did Miles himself. Apart from the Blink Bonny Stud and Hungerford House, Miles also inherited the  RACING TROPHIES. He never married. 
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