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The I'Anson Horseracing Trophies

  • On the death of William Ianson Sr, breeder and trainer of such famous 19th-century racehorses as Blink Bonny, Caller Ou and Blair Athol, his trophy collection became part of the inheritance of his son Miles Samuel Inglis I'Anson.
  • Miles, who never married, left it to his niece, Ada Atkinson, daughter of his sister, Jane Elizabeth. 
  • Ada, too, did not marry and, apparently having no interest in the trophies, she gave them to her cousin, George I'Anson, youngest son of William I'Anson Jr. Subsequent events show this to have been a mistaken judgement.
Photo of I'Ansons Trophy Collection This photograph of the I'Anson collection of horseracing trophies was taken by the Scarborough Evening News sometime in the late 1950s. 

At that time George had decided to sell them, emphatically against the wishes of his own sons. 

However, he was a stubborn man, and the collection went away from the family. 


George I'Anson with trophies
  • This photo, showing George with the collection, indicates the size of the trophies. 
  • According to the memory of George's eldest son, Tatton, they were sold to a Mr Dunlop (who is thought to have had "a factory in Sheffield").  They were bought for his father, Mr Dunlop in Ireland. 
  • That is the last that the family has ever heard of the trophies. 
We would be interested to know of their current whereabouts -- then maybe we can get some better pictures!
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