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The I'Anson Curling Trophy 
Mr Tatton I'Anson (of Cleadon, Tyne and Wear) has in his possession a curling medal belonging to his grandfather.  In answer to his enquiries he  received information a couple of years ago from a member of  the Preston Curling Club; that information was published in The Scottish Curler, Oct 1992, p.9 and is summarised here:
The Preston Curling Club records in its minute books that they were invited to go down to London to compete on 22 April 1903 for the I'Anson Trophy. They were met in London by a Mr Frame, "a well-known gentleman who ran a travel agency." He also owned the Bonnington Hotel and took the group there for refreshments and to stay the evening.

It appears from the records that three Preston teams went to London on that particular occasion, but the Manchester Belle Vue Team won the I'Anson Cup. It was noted that "all expenses were paid by the players and this amounted to two pounds and ten shillings." The I'Anson Trophy was presented to the winners by "a gentleman by the name of William I'Anson, who was a well-known racehorse trainer from Malton in Yorkshire." 

The trophy was played for that year at the Old Crystal Palace ice rink, "perhaps because this was the only indoor ice-rink then in England". Other curling took place "as and when 'Jack Frost' arrived". Curlers from the Preston area had a pond within the town which they flooded on those occasions. Over the years, the cup has been played for at various ice rinks throughout the United Kingdom, both Scottish and English teams competing. In 1970, when Preston Curling Club celebrated its centenary, the trophey was played for in Edinburgh at the old Haymatket ice rink.

Today, the I'Anson Cup is played for between teams from the north-west of England and the south-west of Scotland on a regular basis at the Stranraer ice rink in the North West Castle Museum, Stranraer, around the end of October each year.

In curling circles, it seems, the  I'ANSON CUP is considered to be akin to the FA Cup in soccer. It stands some two-and-a-half feet high including the plinth.



Exhibition of Sporting Trophies:
  • There was an exhibition of a variety of sporting trophies at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, November 1992-February 1993. The I'Anson Cup was one of many trophies exhibited there. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed and the cup was not illustrated in the catalogue. 
  • It is about two-and-a-half feet high and takes the form of a two-handled, lidded 'gold' cup. The lid is topped by a model of a man curling, and on both of the two sides of the cup itself are engraved curling scenes. 
  • Tatton I'Anson was promised a photograph of the cup by his contact at the Preston Curling Club, but he has never received it. 
  • Great news!  This year's (2005) winning team have sent me photos of the trophy -- here they are!

    I'Anson Trophy: Winning curling team 2005

    Stranraer, Scotland
    November 2005
    I'Anson Trophy: Winning Curling team 2005
    Winning Team

    "Another nice weekend in Scotland, this time up in Stranraer.  We ended the weekend well by winning the IíAnson Cup  for the second time in three years. 
    The trophy is massive, the FA cup of curling! Thanks to  Phil Bartonís sister Ann for the pictures ó for once 
    we didnít take a camera with us! On the way back we drove through some very scenic countryside, lots of sheep and a  marvellous view of Ailsa Craig, the little island where all  curling stones come from."

  • From http://travellingtwo.com/