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The Scottish Curler has unearthed some further information about William I'Anson who had donated the I'Anson Trophy: 
The 1895-96 "Annual" of the Royal Club reported that the moving spirit behind the first Scotland v. England match - played at Talkin Tarn, near Carlisle in January 1895 - was "that man of sport, Mr I'Anson, the well-known English horse trainer." 

The "Annual" contains a photograph of Mr I'Anson and his opposing skip, Sir J.H.Gibson-Craig, with their rinks on the ice prior to the Match. 

Curling team
Sir J.Gibson-Craig v. W.I'Anson
with their teams

(from a photograph by 
M.Boak & Sons, Malton) 


The same year, in recognition of his work for English curling, he was elected a Vice-President at the RCCC [Royal Caledonian Curling Club] Annual Meeting, at which he proposed the establishment of an English Branch of the Royal Club. The proposal, ammended after discussion, to introduce "Associated Provinces of England," was adopted. 

At the luncheon which traditionally followed RCCC Annual Meetings in these days, Mr I'Anson presided and received further plaudits for his chairmanship.

(The Scottish Curler, October 1992, p.9)
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