I'ANSON international

An Armorial Family

The I'Anson baronets were of a so-called "armorial family". This is the coat of arms they were authorised to bear: 

 I'ANSON COAT OF ARMS: Quarterly azure and gules, a cross flory, in the first and fourth quarters an annulet or, a chief. (It should be noted that not everyone bearing the name is authorised to bear the Coat of Arms. See Heraldry


  • "Faire mon devoire" means "to do my duty" (or "to do my homework" if one is young enough - or, indeed, if one wants to be a good genealogist!).  This motto, however, seems to have been adopted "recently" according to the author of the 'History of the I'Anson Family', Bryan I'Anson.
  •  "Rien sans travaille" ("nothing without labour") is the motto on the 17thC monument of Sir Bryan I'Anson at Ashby St Legers.

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