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Sir Bryan I'Anson and His Descendants
(Information taken from Bryan I'Anson's book The I'Anson Family History (1915), Ch.XIII.)
  • The first I'ANSON BARONET was Bryan I'Anson, second son of Bryan I'Anson of Ashby St Legers, and grandson of the original John I'Anson, was born in 1590.
  • It is recorded that he matriculated at Magdalen College,Oxford on 15th March 1604-05, aged 15, following which he was a student of the Inner Temple (1606). 
  • Later, he was Groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles I. On 14th December 1624, aged 34, he was knighted by Lord Falkland in Ireland 
The Award of a Baronetcy
  • It is recorded that Bryan I'Anson raised £ 10,000 and a regiment of horse, which he took to King Charles I before Edgehill, for which signal service the King gave him a warrent for a Baronetcy. 
  • This was confirmed by King Charles II from the Louvre, Paris, in the fourth year of his reign (1652) and the title was still more substantially confirmed in a document bearing the Great Seal, when Sir Thomas I'Anson was, by Letters Patent, appointed to the office of Gentleman Porter of the Tower of London, wherein he is described as "Sir Thomas I'Anson, Baronet."
(B.I'Anson, p.56)
Sir Bryan I'Anson was an ardent Loyalist in the cause of Charles I, and when the King was executed in 1649, Sir Bryan appears to have followed Charles II into exile in France. On his death his eldest son inherited the title: 
  • Second Baronet: Sir Henry I'Anson (Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford). On his death his only son inherited the title:
  • Third Baronet: Sir Thomas I'Anson of New Bounds, Tunbridge Wells; d.1707. On his death his second son inherited the title:
  • Fourth Baronet: Sir Thomas I'Anson (Gentleman Porter of the Tower of London; d.1764, buried Tunbridge Wells). On his death his eldest son inherited the title:
  • Fifth baronet: Rev. Sir Thomas Bankes I'Anson, Rector of Corfe Castle; d.January 1799. On his death his eldest son inherited the title:
  • Sixth baronet: Rev. Sir John Bankes I'Anson, d.October 1799. On his death, having no children and his younger brother having already died, his uncle inherited the title.
  • Seventh baronet: Sir John I'Anson; d.April 1800.
Sir John I'Anson, the seventh baronet, left just one daughter and Bryan I'Anson's Family Tree suggests that there were no further claimants to the baronetcy after 1800. 

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