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Photos of Hauxwell  
supplied by Mike I'Anson
 I. Headstones in St Oswald's Churchyard
    Gravestone of William I'Anson of Barden
    (1) William I'Anson of Barden (headstone) - I found this in the churchyard at St Oswald's, Hauxwell, quite close to the church door. The headstone itself is well-weathered and not very easy to read, but as far as I can tell, it seems to be that of the William I'Anson (1636-1696,#93), generation no. 6 from Capt John I'Anson, in which case it would be over three hundred years old.  By varying the contrast controls I think I could make out that the date of death was 7 February, but unfortunately I couldn't make out the year. The parish records show he was buried on 11th February (1696) so the date seems to tie as far as it goes.
    Gravestone of Leonard I'Anson and wife
    (2) Leonard I'Anson and Ann Storry (headstone) - This headstone itself quite large and pretty easy to read, although the photo's not so clear as it was taken directly into the sun. It's that of Leonard (1746-1831,#179), generation no. 9. Only the inner churchyard is maintained, and the outer part is largely overgrown and grazed by sheep. Leonard and Ann's grave is just over the fence, in the outer section, about fifteen yards from the main church door. I did notice that sheep were all tagged with the name 'Alderson', which was the name of Ellen, wife of Leonard's grandson William (#241, generation 11), so I suppose we might regard them as 'in-laws' of a kind!
    (3) Another William I'Anson (headstone) - The headstone is a fairly small, crude one, right next to the grave of William and Ann. I'm not sure who this is at all but it may be that of the son (#203) of William and Ann, above.
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