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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Brian I'Anson




JAMES I’ANSON, second son of Ralph, had five sons and three daughters.

Sons –

  1. Leonard, baptised at Hawxwell, 29th July, 1599, married there to Jane Deacon, 27th November, 1627, and died there about the year 1663. From him is descended the branch now at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Co. York.
  2. William, baptised 23rd November, 1604. Married, at Wensley, on 6th May, 1634, to Margaret, daughter of Owen Dent, of Leyburn. Buried at Wensley, 30th June, 1659. From him are descended the I’Ansons of Darlington, and the Jansons of London, Chislehurst, Exeter, &c.
  3. Ralph, baptised at Hawxwell, 31st January, 1612, of whom nothing further is on record.
  4. John (of Scashill, in the parish of Catterick), baptised at Hawxwell, 11th July, 1615, married Jane Brockill, 7th March 1640.
  5. James (of Thorpe Underston, in the chapelry of Hudswell), baptised at Hawxwell, 18th February, 1617, whose Will was proved by his wife, Genet, and his eldest son, Ralph, 18th April, 1668. An extract of this Will is given in a later chapter.
Daughters –
  1. Alice, baptised at Hawxwell, 29th June, 1602.
  1. Margaret, baptised at Hawxwell, 8th march, 1606.
  2. Elizabeth, baptised at Hawxwell, 28th January, 1609 (probably the Elizabeth I’Anson who married Robert Jackson, 6th May, 1640).
In regard to James, fifth son of James, the extract of his Will contains all the information on record as to his descendants, and the remainder of this chapter will treat, therefore, of the desendants of Leonard, the eldest son of James. The descendants of William, the second son, are so numerous that they will be divided into sub-branches, and their histories will form the subject of another chapter.

LEONARD I’ANSON, of East Hawxwell, baptised at Hawxwell 29th July 1599, married Jane Deacon, 27th November 1627, and was buried at Hawxwell on 7th March 1663. His Will dated 29th February, 1664, made his wife Jane executrix, and is endorsed by his son James: "And I, james I’Anson, heir and eldest son, in all things approve of the above Will; as witness my hand, 26th May 1664," from which we gather that Thomas, the first son of the mariage, born in 1628, had died during his father’s lifetime without issue. His other children were:-

Sons –

  1. James, baptised 7th November, 1630, of whom nothing further is recorded.
  2. William, baptised 10th November, 1635. Of whom presently.
  3. Leonard, baptised 5th May, 1650, married Elizabeth Watson on 1st February, 1687. Nothing further is recorded.
Daughters –
  1. Jane, baptised 10th July, 1633, married 3rd November, 1652, to Thomas Watson.
  2. Alice, baptised 17th May, 1640, at Hawxwell, and married there, 7th April, 1667, to John Cockfield.
  3. Margaret, baptised at Hawxwell 8th January, 1642.
WILLIAM I’ANSON, of Hawxwell, second surviving son of Leonard, was buried at Hawxwell on 11th February, 1696, aged 60. There is no record of his marriage, and his wife’s name is not known. He had three sons and two daughters.

Sons –

  1. Leonard, baptised 14th April 1667.
  2. Matthew, baptised 26th September 1686.
  3. Richard, baptised 20th July, 1692. Of whom presently.
Daughters –
  1. Jane, baptised 29th August, 1662, and mentioned in her grandfather’s Will.
  2. Catharine, baptised 22nd March, 1674.
RICHARD I’ANSON, of Hawxwell, the youngest son of William I’Anson o, was not buried at Hauxwell. He had two sons and one daughter baptised there.

Sons –

  1. William, baptised 11th September, 1722. Of whom presently.
  2. George, baptised 28th December, 1727; died in infancy, and buried at Hauxwell, 29th April, 1734.
Daughter –
  1. Elizabeth, baptised 9th January, 1719.
WILLIAM I’ANSON, eldest son of Richard, baptised 11 September, 1722. Married at Hawxwell on 15th November, 1742, to Mary Plews. He was buried at Hawxwell 14th November, 1755, and his widow was buried there 15th June, 1757 [Note: Register shows 25th June]. He had two children.

Son –

  1. Leonard, baptised at Hawxwell, 31st August, 1746. Of whom presently.
Daughter –
  1. Anne, baptised at Hawxwell, 25th February, 1743.
LEONARD I’ANSON, of Hawxwell, eldest son of the above William amd Mary, baptised 31st August, 1746, at Hawxwell, was married there to Ann Storry on 12th July, 1768, and buried there 10th March, 1831. He had eleven children, seven sons and four daughters. Two of the sons were twins. The only known twins in this branch of the family.

Sons –

  1. William, baptised 28th November, 1770.
  2. Leonard, baptised 16th November, 1772. Of whom presently.
  3. Thomas, baptised 14th April, 1775; buried at Hawxwell on 6 April, 1821.
  4. }{George, baptised 30th June, 1779; buried 11th May, 1780.
  5. }{Robert, baptised 30th June 1779; buried 26th April 1782.
  6. Robert, baptised 12th April, 1783.
  7. John, baptised 4th April, 1791.
Daughters –
  1. Mary, baptised 1st October, 1768.
  2. Margaret, baptised 24th March, 1776.
  3. Ann, baptised 8th July, 1781.
  4. Jane, baptised 30th October, 1785.
LEONARD I’ANSON, of Hawxwell, second son of the above Leonard, born 16th November, 1772, married, at Hawxwell, Mary, daughter of Archdeacon Heslop. It is said that his capital was absorbed by the attractions of the turf, and he diposed of his interests in Hawxswell parish and removed to Spennithorne, where certain of his children were born.

He died at Harmby, and was buried at Spennithorne 3rd April, 1851, aged 79. He had four sons and four daughters.

Sons –

  1. Robert, baptised at Hawxwell 25th April, 1801
  2. Thomas, probably baptised at Spennithorne.
  3. William, probably baptised at Spennithorne.
  4. Nathan, baptised at Spennithorne 16th April, 1820. of whom presently
Daughters –
  1. Mary, baptised at Hawxwell 22nd November, 1798.
  2. Margaret, baptised at Hawxwell, 20th August, 1803.
  3. Susanna, baptised at Hawxwell, 21st July, 1805.
  4. Jane, probably baptised at Spennithorne.
[Transcription Note: There were several other children of this marriage.]

NATHAN I’ANSON, youngest son of Leonard, baptised at Spennithorne 16th April, 1820, married Ann Horn, and had by her two sons and three daughters. He resided for some time at Richmond, Co. York, and later went to Darlington, where he died on 3rd December, 1897, in his 78th year. He had two sons and three daughters.

Sons –

  1. William, born at Richmond 6th December, 1846.
  2. Leonard, died in infancy
Daughters – Margaret, Mary, and Jane. WILLIAM I’ANSON, A.M.I.C.E., of Bardencroft, Saltburn-by-the Sea, born at Richmond, Co. York 6th December, 1846, now living, aged 68. Married on 20th June, 1870, at Marske-by-the-Sea, Mary annie Doara, daughter of John Mangles, Gent. (son of John Mangles, of Breckongill, Coverham, Esquire), by his wife, Frances Alderson. For upwards of forty-five years Engineer and Manager of the Cleveland Water Company. Has issue three sons and a daughter.

Sons –

  1. William Mangles I’Anson, F.S.A., of Glenside, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, born 26th December, 1871, at Saltburn. Author of "Castles of the North Riding," "Kilton Castle," &c., published by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, of which Society he is a member. He is also a member of the Committee on Ancient Earthworks and Fortified Enclosures. Married Florence, only child of Edward Halliwell, of Bolton, Lancs., Brewer, by whom he has issue one daughter, Frances, born at Saltburn, August, 1912.
  2. Arthur Bryan I’Anson, C.A., of Ayton Hall, Great Ayton, Co. York, born 29th December, 1873, at Saltburn. Married, at Saltburn, on 18th June, 1898, Juanita, only daughter of Walter William Thomson (eldest son of Dr. Walter Trevelyan Thomson, of Guisbro’, by his wife Mary ann, daughter of W. Dixon, Esq.), of Hazelcote, Saltburn-by-the Sea, by whom he has isue one son and two daughters.

  3. Son – 

    1. Cecil Bryan, born 14th July, 1901.

    Daughters – 

    1. Frances Beryl I’Anson, born 3rd August, 1905.

    2. Inez Berenice I’Anson, born 27th October, 1909.

  4. Leonard Percy I’Anson, solicitor, of Bardencroft, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, and albert Road, Middlesbrough, Captain 4th Batt. Yorks Regt. Born at Saltburn 19th April, 18778; unmarried.
Daughter – Floris I’Anson, married at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, to Alfred Hnery Corn, of Selwyn, Trentham, Staffs. Is composer of many charming songs (published by Messrs. Reid Bros.), amongst which may be mentioned: "God Guard Thee," "Remember," "Give Me Thy Love," and "Break, Break." There are three children of the marriage. Daughters –
    1. Constance Eileen.
    2. Floris Ethel.

    3. Winifred Mary (Peggy)
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