I'ANSON international

Ianson Reunion 2004
Potter County, Pennsylvania

Brydonson Farm
Potter County, Pennsylvania

Report by Sherrie Ianson Eriksen:

Dear Family & Friends~
It has come to my attention that I forgot to write a report up on the 2004 Ianson family reunion.  What was I thinking!  We had absolutely beautiful weather and about 54 people attending. 

It was great to have Maureen & Tatton join us this year.  The sad thing (at least for me) was the fact that we had none of our patriarchs with us this time.  Truth be told most of them have passed away now.  I ask you, “What history of our family did you learn from them while they were with us?”  I myself have many gaps that I can’t fill in.  And as for the family tree, I seem to have hit a brick wall on Miles “H” Ianson. 

Oh, well, back to the reunion, it is always good to get together as a family.  Thank you so much to Bryan & Donna for hosting us again on the old homestead.  The food was great and the fellowship, well that is always a treat.  There were some great photo albums that went around.  The memories in them are priceless.  I can’t believe how big all of the kids are getting.  Mine are almost grown but then you have many that are just getting started.  I’m not sure but I think that Kim (Ianson) King’s twin girls are the first in the Ianson family.  (Daughters count too, even if we don’t carry the name forward!?) 

The next reunion is scheduled for July 29, 2006 at high noon.  My calendar is marked, how about yours!
Sherrie Eriksen
(an Ianson daughter) 

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