Maureen Lilian (Westmoreland) Ille
Let me introduce myself . . .
  • I was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, 23 October 1942, daughter of an I'Anson mother.
  • I have lived in many places: London; Calgary [Alberta, Canada]; Olean [New York, USA]; Lexington [Kentucky, USA]; near Manchester in England; and now near Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, England. 
  • I have been a lecturer in the history of art for several years, for the University of Hull's Centre for Lifelong Learning and the W.E.A.(Workers' Educational Association).   I also teach Sculpture, Drawing and Painting.  [link to my website]
In my first life I was a maths teacher having dropped 'History' at school as soon as I could.  Now, history is my life, one way and another, and my heart is in the past. I am still very interested in scientific discovery, however, and I like to think that the logical and rational approach of the mathematician remains with me.

Maureen Ille
Academic background of this lifelong learner:
  • PhD (History of Art: Iconography) The Open University, 1995
  • MA (History of Art) University of Kentucky, 1984
  • BEd (Art Studio, Art History) University of Calgary, 1977
  • Teachers' Certificate (Mathematics and Art; Secondary level) Avery Hill College, London,1964
  • A-levels (Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics) Scarborough Girls' High School, 1961
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