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I'Anson/Janson Deeds 

1. Durham University Library-A&ampSC Ref: GB-0033-JAN 

Janson Family Deeds , mostly Darlington, 1652-1856. 
Deposited by Mrs Warden, on behalf of Mrs Sprott of Blakeney, Norfolk, September 1948. 

Contents and Origin
52 documents, 1652-1865, in two apparently unrelated groups. 

The first group, JANSON FAMILY DEEDS: 29 items mainly concerned with properties in Darlington acquired 1799-1801 by John Janson, linen manufacturer. 
The second goup: 23 items relating to the Umfreville and Askew families and their properties in the London area, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex.NB: Janson is often spelt I'anson in local directories, although not in the deeds. (See University of Durham Library Archives and Special Collections Homepage.)

2. An "I'Anson Professorship" and "Mary Gertrude I'Anson Scholarship" at the University of Toronto 

In 1968, the Mary Gertrude I’Anson Fund was established by the bequest of Mary Gertrude I’Anson of the residue of her estate to the Governors of the University of Toronto. The Fund was directed toward support of the Connaught Laboratories until the sale of the laboratories in 1972, after which time support was redirected for a limited time by Governing Council to the Division of Community Health in the Faculty of Medicine. In 1981, Governing Council broadened the scope of the Fund to encompass all medical research at the University of Toronto.[www.governingcouncil.utoronto.ca]

The Mary Gertrude I'Anson Scholarship is awarded annually by the University of Toronto: The  Scholarship was established for the support of medical research in the University of Toronto in the tradition and pattern of the research formerly performed by the University’s Connaught Medical Research Laboratories.

Name of the Award:  Mary Gertrude I’Anson Scholarship
Donor: Connaught Committee
Value:  $10,000 
(In some cases, awards of lesser value may be granted as a “top-up” award.)
Number of Awards:  4
Eligible departments/field of study: Division IV and the Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Studies, Human
Development, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Social Work, Sociology
Award condition: To be given to doctoral student in the health sciences, broadly defined, on the
basis of financial need. Academic merit will also be considered.

 Mary Gertrude I'Anson was born in Toronto in 1893, the only known child of William I'Anson and Sarah Rebecca Rogers [Source: Rootsweb]
William was the son of James I'Anson and Mary Rutter, Quakers of Darlington whose roots can be traced back to Capt. John I'Anson on the family tree.

3. A Donator of Paintings in England

In 1933 Miss G. I'Anson donated the Italian 17th-century painting "Landscape with Hermit" by Salvatore Rosa to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Miss I'Anson had no interest or connection with Liverpool.  She lived at 27 Argyle Road, Kensington (according to the records of the Walker Art Gallery).  Her intention had been to donate the painting to the National Gallery in London, but they had suggested that the work would be better appreciated in one of the nation's provincial galleries, and had suggested the Walker as a gallery with an appropriate collection.

The current Curator of the Walker Art Gallery thinks that Miss I'Anson had donated other paintings at other times to other galleries. 

 Dr M.L.Ille