I'ANSON international

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  • Miles I'Anson, The Vision of Misery Hill: a Legend of the Sierra Nevada and Miscellaneous Verse (NY and London; G.P.Putnam's Sons, 1891) :   DEDICATION: To my fellow miners of California and the Pacific Coast I inscribe this little book of verse in memory of Auld Lang Syne and the land that hath so glamoured us; for though the themes herein are few that touch your peculiar life and environment, they were born of the high Sierras, and the desert solitudes near and far, during the arduous years and lonely hours of a goldseeker's life. Not in self-confidence, however, does the writer present these desultory utterances to you, but conscious how little of worth there is here to warrant the offering - how little indeed of aught to portray such an experience and communion with Nature. The writer has no thought of touching any popular chord in these conceits, nor hope beyond pleasing a few here and there; and so "With a heart for any fate", as befits the Prospector, whatever of adverse judgement or of failure may greet this venture, will fall lightly upon him, as upon one inured to long-familiar loads. (Newark, New Jersey. June, 1891.)     THIS BOOK OF POEMS CAN BE SEEN AND DOWNLOADED IN A "TURN THE PAGES" VERSION ONLINE AT www.openlibrary.org/details/visionofmiseryhi00iansrich