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 Janson (James) . Huguenot, of London Petition to Qu. Anne, etc. 1707. Add. 61618 ff. 135-138 

Extracts transcript:

f. 135
June 21st 1707
"To the Attorney General: report on French Protestants."
Among others -- re: indictment against John Ianson [Janson] and John Arnaud for an assault on Sir Richard Bulkeley and Mr John Lacy, and Dr Keyth:
"it appears to me that the petitioners, with many other persons supposed to be French Protestants did assemble at several days mentioned in the indictment about the dwelling house of John Alab in so great a number & in such a manner as is not strictly justifiable in law, but no act of violence or injury appears to me to have been done by any of them."
f. 138
"To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty"
Petition of:
William Portal, Luke Martin, Peter Tournard, Paul Baudry Jr., Isaac Gautir, Jane Fordan, James Janson, John Arnaud, Samuel Barrell, John Bouillard & others.
"Most Humbly Showeth
That the pretended French Prophets having by the Horrid Noise which they make when their pretended Prophetical fitts come upon them, caused great multitudes of People both English and French to gather and assemble about their house, your humble petitioners who most of them live near the said house, did Imprudently happen to be of the Number.

That the said pretended prophetts having been examined by an Order of the Right Reverend the Bishop of London directed to the Ministers & Consistory of the French Savoy Church, have been reported imposters and have been looked upon as such by your humble petitioners & the whole body of the French.

That the said imposters being supported by severall persons particularly by Sir Richard Bulkeley Barronett a Justice of the Peace, John Lacy Esq., & Doctor Keyth a physician, seek daily to revenge themselves by making the French odious to the Hation.

That to that end the said John Lacy about the latter end of Aprill last caused a Scandalous Advertisement to be inserted in a Printed Paper vulgarly called the Flying Post, as was fully proved upon him, by one of your Majesty's Secretaries of State.

That the said Sr. Richard Bulkeley, John Lacy & Doctor Keyth having expressed themselves in most Impious Terms by saying that the Old & New Testament were good for nothing as is proved by oath before Milord Chief Justice Holt, some of your petitioners were provoked to give them some ill language which otherwise they would not have done.

That the said Sir Richard Bulkeley, John Lacy & Doctor Keyth did out of further malice on the 28th day of the said month of Aprill single out William Portall One of the Elders of the Savoy Church & Most of Your Humble Petitioners . . . and caused them to be bound over to the next Quarter Sessions for Riotts. . ."

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