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I'Anson Cricket League

In May 2000 I received an e-mail message from James White, as follows:

   "Do you know that one of the oldest cricket leagues in the UK is the I'Anson league? 

In 2001 it celebrates its centenary year.  My Club (www.grayswoodcc.co.uk) is one of the villages participating in the village cricket league that covers south west Surrey, north east Hampshire and north west Sussex." 

Notes from MLI:
I did find this book reference on the internet: 

  •  A Cup for Cricket, by L.T. Pope - Fifty years of the I'Anson Competition (1951) - out of print

I also found information on this web site: www.haslemere.com/sports/ianson/  

I recently (2014) found a website for the I'Anson Cup: http://ia.play-cricket.com/

In February 2001 I received a letter from Graham Collyer, Secretary, I'Anson Cup cricket competition

"The I'Anson Cup cricket competition is celebrating its centenary this year. The cup was donated by Edward Blakeway I'Anson of Grayshott, Hampshire, at that village's cricket club dinner in November 1900. It is the oldest village cricket league in the country in continuous existence.

E.B. I'Anson was the elder son of Edward I'Anson JP, and was born in London and educated at Cheltenham College and Cambridge University. He followed his father's profession and was architect and surveyor to St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, and was responsible for much notable work in London, as well as being architect for hospitals and convalescent homes around the country.

His family connection in Grayshott began in 1861 when his father bought an estate there. He lived in London, where his sister kept house for him (he was unmarried) and spent his weekends in Grayshott.

I would be delighted to know if he can be fitted into your I'Anson family tree."

This is what we have so far on the genealogy of Edward Blakeway I'Anson

View of Crossways Road, Grayshott in 1900 


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