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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Bryan I'Anson
Chapter I.
The House of Forbes
Chapter II.
The House of de Forbin
Chapter III
The I’Anson, or Janson Family in England
Chapter IV
The Children of Ralph I’Anson, of Hawkswell
Chapter V
The Descendants of James I’Anson (second son of Ralph)
Chapter VI
The Descendants of William I’Anson and Margaret Dent
Chapter VII
The Desendants of Joseph I’Anson and Sarah Halsey  
Chapter VIII
Pedigree of Lt.-Col. John I’Anson, of Howe Hall, Thirsk, Co. York  
Chapter IX
The Pedigree of the "Blakeway" I’Ansons  
Chapter X
The I’Ansons of Malton  
Chapter XI
The I’Ansons of Whitehaven  
Chapter XII
James I’Anson, Vintner, of Cornhill, and his Descendants  
Chapter XIII
Sir Bryan I’Anson and his Descendants  
Chapter XIV
The I’Ansons of Corfé Castle. – Brave Dame Mary  
Chapter XV
Bryan I’Anson and the Letters from Cadiz  
Chapter XVI
The Descendants of William I’Anson, third Son of Sir Bryan  
Chapter XVII
Fragmenta Genealogica  
Chapter XVIII
Parish Register Extracts, &c., relating to the family  
Chapter XIX
Frances I’Anson (The Lass of Richmond Hill)  
Chapter XX
A short account of some allied families  
Chapter XXI
Extracts of Wills, &c.    
Record of Births.    
Record of Marriages    
Record of Deaths    
Record of Other Events    



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