I'ANSON international

Descendants of (--?--) Janson 

in Aysgarth, Ilkley, Addingham, Kildwick

(NOTE: References here to "Kilnwicke" are more likely to mean Kildwick which is in the vicinity of Ilkley and Addingham. Kilnwick is in the East Riding of Yorkshire, between Driffield and Beverley, which seems unlikely but cannot yet be entirely discounted yet.)

Generation One

1(--?--)1 Janson married ? ?

Children of (--?--)1 Janson and ? ? were as follows:

  •  i. Tristram2
  • ii. William of Ilkley; m. Agnes (--?--); d. before Dec 1613.  He left a will on 29 Sep 1613; "To be buried in the church yard of Ilkley. That Agnes my wife shall have half of  the lease of my house at Ilkley and my brother Robert Janson shall have the other half; that they both shall keep my brother John Jansonwith meat and apparell, and if my wife married again her half to go to my brother Robert. To Josias Janson son of my brother Tristram Janson. To Jaine Lister wife of Lyonell Lister of Ilkley. To William Janson of Addingho. To Isabell Dagge wife of John Dage of Askarth. To the poor pish of Ilkley. I give to Samuell, Danniell, Benjamin, Ellen, Judeth and Elizabeth children of my brother Tristram Janson to each ten shillings. Rest and Residue to Robert Janson and Agnes my wife my executors."

  • Witnesses Richard Hodgson, Henrie Carrier, and Thomas Swire.

    iii. Robert of Aysgarth; his estate was probated 3 May 1620 at Aysgarth, NRY; 1617. March 28:
    Sick of body but whole of mind. To be buried within the chancel of the parish church of Ayskgrath. To my brother Tristram Janson 20s. my Bible and my best cloke. To Samuel my godson 20s. and two Books the one with the "Resolucons" and the other the "Imitatcon of Christ." To Brianim Janson 5s. and my best cote. 
    To William Janson of Ordingham my "brother sonne" and his children. To Lyoneld Lyster & Jane his wife. To Christopher Tunstall and Margret his wife. To Thomas Janson my brother his children Nathaniel, Tymothye, Theophelus and Nehenyas Janson to every one of them 5s. I give to John Temple and his wife. I give to Ellina Janson an oxteare and the one half of my household goods. To Judeth Janson my read corve and the other half of my household goods. To my brother Tristram Janson and Danyell Janson his son all that my right, title &c.upon the tenemt. &c. which to me doth belong or may revert by virtue of the will of William Janson my late deceased brother of Ylkley whereof he died possessed at Ylkley or elsewhere by virtue of the joint Exorship with amiss his wife and a tenement or cottage in Ayskgarth of the yearly rent of 4s. to him and his heirs being myne owne inheritance and further I make the said Daniel Janson my sole Exor. and give him the residue. Witnesses John Hogg, Tristram Beverley and Thos. Hammond.
    Pd. 3 May 1620.
    Inv. By John Hogg, Tristram Beverley, Tristram Tunstall, James Wyrehorne 2 may 1620. mentions Adam Tyrrye, " Michel George King," Dorythye Monrey, Nicholas Taylor.  He is named in brother William's will in 1613.

  • iv. .John.  Named in brother William's will in 1613.
  •  v. Francis of Long Addingham, m. ? (--?--).
  • vi. Thomas of Kilnwicke, [Kildwick?] m. Ann (--?--).

Generation Two

2Tristram2 Janson ((--?--)1) was buried in 1633 at St Oswald's Church, Askrigg, NRY; "Vicar of Askrigg", dates 15??-1633 from tombstone inscription.  He was left an inheritance by brother Thomas "to my brother Sr Tristram Janson vicar my latine Bible upon himself and his son Sr Samuel Janson" in 1616. He was Vicar in 1616. He left a will in 1630; Transcription error? Date same as Samuell vicar of Aysgarth. Date of death on tombstone 1633.1

Children of Tristram2 Janson and an unknown spouse were as follows:

  • i. Samuell3 Vicar of Aysgarth; d. 1630 at Aysgarth, NRY.  His  name was also Samuell Janson. He was left an inheritance of  Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613. He left a will on 16 Nov 1630 atAysgarth, NRY; Inventory only - too difficult to read.2
  • ii. Danniell; b. before 1613.  He was left an inheritance  of  Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
  • iii. Benjamin; baptized before 1613.  He was left an inheritance of  Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
  • iv. Ellen; baptized before 1613.  She was left an inheritance of Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
  • v. Judeth; b. before 1613.  She was left an inheritance of Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
  • vi. Elizabeth; b. before 1613.  She was left an inheritance of  Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
  • vii. Josias of Ilkley; m. Essam (--?--) before 1616; bur. Feb 1616 at Ilkley, WRY.  He was left an inheritance of  Ten shillings by father's brother William in 1613.
3Francis2 Janson of Long Addingham ((--?--)1married ? (--?--). He died in Jun 1610 at Long Addingham, WRY. His estate was probated on 6 Jul 1610; 
FRANCIS JANSON of LONG ADDINGHAM, dioc. of YORK.  To be buried in parish church of Addingham. To William Janson my son. To Margrett Janson my daughter. To Jane Janson my daughter. To margrett Kirkman. Rest and Residue to Margrett and Jane Janson my daughter; to William Janson my son and I make William Janson my brother and William Janson my sons executors.
Witnesses Thomas Barker and John Griene.
Proved 6th July 1610.3

Children of Francis2 Janson of Long Addingham and ? (--?--) were:

  • i. William3 of Addingham; d. after 1613.

4Thomas2 Janson of Kilnwicke ((--?--)1married Ann (--?--). He was buried before Oct 1616 at Kilnwick, WRY.

Children of Thomas2 Janson of Kilnwicke and Ann (--?--) were as follows:

  • i. Nathanial3; baptized before 1616; bur. after 1617.  He was left an inheritance by father's brother, Robert - 5 shillings in 1617.
  • ii. Tymothye; b. before 1616; d. after 1617.  He was left an inheritance  by father's brother, Robert - 5 shillings in 1617.
  • iii. Theophelus; b. before 1616; d. after 1617.  He was left an inheritance by father's brother, Robert, 5 shillings in 1617.
  • iv. Nehenyas; b. before 1616; d. after 1617.  He/she was left an inheritance by father's brother, Robert - 5 shillings in 1617.

  • List of Names Addingham, Kildwick etc 
    These names of Iansons (and their spouses), some linked as families, are on my database, but they do not yet link together into a complete branch of the tree.  Parish Registers need checking to establish further links.
    Ann WRY:Kildwick
    Ann AKERS c 1731 WRY:Addingham
    Ann BRUMBY   WRY:Addingham 22 Jun 1876
    Ann HINDLE  c 1757 WRY:Addingham 03 Mar 1848
    Ann IANSON 07 Feb 1659 WRY:Addingham
    Ann IANSON 04 Aug 1752 WRY:Kildwick
    Ann IANSON 19 Feb 1753 WRY:Addingham
    Anne IANSON 23 Dec 1787 WRY:Kildwick  before 1822
    Barbara HANSON WRY:Addingham
    Bridget FORTUNE c 1788 WRY:Addingham
    Eliza IANSON 19 Jan 1660 WRY:Addingham
    Elizabeth IANSON c 1719 WRY:Addingham 28 Feb 1799
    Elizabeth IANSON 30 Dec 1781 WRY:Kildwick 11 Aug 1853 
    Ellen IANSON 24 Jul 1788 WRY:Addingham
    Ellen WILKINSON c 1729 WRY:Addingham
    Francis I'ANSON before 1627 WRY:Addingham
    Francis I'ANSON of Addingham c 1727 WRY:Addingham
    Francis IANSON 23 Apr 1764 NRY:Bolton Abbey
    Francis JANSON of Long Addingham WRY:Addingham  __ Jun 1610
    Henry TOPHAM c 1775 WRY:Kildwick
    Isaac ROBINSON WRY:Bolton Abbey
    Jane WILKINSON c 1737 WRY:Addingham
    John BOOTH WRY:Kildwick
    John IANSON before 1642 WRY:Addingham
    John IANSON before 1690 WRY:Addingham
    John IANSON 22 Feb 1708 WRY:Addingham
    John IANSON c  1732 WRY:Addingham
    John IANSON c  1752 WRY:Kildwick 04 Feb 1837
    John IANSON of Farfield c 1720  NRY:Bolton Abbey 06 Dec 1801
    John IANSON of Farfield 26 Oct 1790 WRY:Addingham 03 Nov 1875
    John IANSON of Otley 06 Oct 1761 NRY:Bolton Abbey 21 Aug 1809 
    John PICKARD  WRY:Addingham
    Margaret IANSON 17 Feb 1745 WRY:Kildwick 
    Margaret WALKER c  1761 WRY:Kildwick
    Mary ATKINSON WRY:Addingham
    Mary I'ANSON before 1705 WRY:Addingham
    Mary IANSON c 1723 WRY:Addingham 09 Jan 1791
    Mary IANSON 02 Aug 1747 WRY:Kildwick
    Mary IANSON 05 Jun 1750 NRY:BoltonAbbey
    Mary IANSON 05 Nov 1775 WRY:Kildwick
     Nathanial JANSON before 1616 WRY:Kilnwick
    Nehenyas JANSON before 1616 WRY:Kilnwick after1617?
    Richard SHACKLETON c 1740  WRY:Addingham
    Robert IANSON before 1640 WRY:Addingham
    Samuel IANSON 02 Aug 1767 NRY:BoltonAbbey 18 Jul 1781
    Samuel IANSON of Silsden Moor before Apr 1721 WRY:Addingham 10 Jun 1806
    Sarah I'ANSON c  1740 WRY:Addingham
    Sarah IANSON 06 Feb 1715  WRY:Addingham
    Sarah IANSON 17 Dec 1742 WRY:Kildwick
    Sarah IANSON 06 Dec 1779 WRY:Kildwick before 1822
    Susanna IANSON 27 Dec 1708  WRY:Addingham
    Theophelus JANSON before 1616 WRY:Kilnwick after1617
    Thomas IANSON  WRY:Addingham __ ___ 1736
    Thomas IANSON before 1765 WRY:Addingham
    Thomas IANSON 01 Mar 1783 WRY:Addingham
    Thomas IANSON of Farfield 28 Jun 1756  NRY:BoltonAbbey  28 Oct 1842 
    Thomas JANSON of Kilnwicke WRY:Kildwick
    Tymothye JANSON before 1616 WRY:Kildwick  after1617
    William I'ANSON c 1737 WRY:Addingham
    William IANSON  WRY:Addingham
    William IANSON before 1667 WRY:Addingham
    William IANSON c  1687 WRY:Addingham 12 May 1777
    William IANSON 03 Jan 1759  NRY:BoltonAbbey
    William IANSON 12 Sep 1784 WRY:Addingham 29 Oct 1838
    William IANSON of Farfield before 1700 WRY:Addingham
    William JANSON of Addingham WRY:Addingham after1613 

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