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"The History of the I'Anson Family" 
by Brian I'Anson (1915)

  • Bryan I'Anson, in his limited edition book "The I'Anson Family History",  included a large Family Tree Chart of the descendants of Capt. John I'Anson
  • Only 60 copies of the book were published: 
    • one is in the British Library, London
    • one in the London Library, St James's Square, London.
    • one is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
    • one was owned by Pamela (I'Anson) Hall (born c.1918), a descendent of the horseracing I'Ansons.  She was last known of living in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA. 
    • Two copies are owned by Chris I'Anson (this website author), one that had been given by the author, Bryan I'Anson, to his sister Floris and is inscribed with her name and one that was owned by my Father (Derek) which is signed by the author.
    • one is owned by Elizabeth Knight of Darlington
    • one is owned by Helen Pride in Nova Scotia
    • one was owned by Brenda Pullan of Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, and is now with her brother in Australia
    • one is owned by the family of Dennis I'Anson in Kent , descendents of the Quaker line.
    • one is owned by Harold Laurence I'Anson of Ripon
    • one is owned by Mary K. Stamm of Strongsville, Ohio, a granddaughter of Margaret I'Anson.  The book originally belonged to W.  I'Anson-Robson.  It later came to Nina I'Anson-Robson, who then gave it to Mary's aunt, Bertha Thompson.
    • one is owned by Geraldine I’Anson  in Devon and . . .  . . .
    • one by her daughter Jane Harvey in Ealing.  They are from Lt Col John I’Anson of Howe Hall.
    • Two copies are owned by Mike Lyster and his brother. They are 6th generation descendants of the Lass of Richmond Hill.
    44 copies are still unaccounted for!
If you own a copy of Bryan I'Anson's book, or if you know of the whereabouts of any other copies, we would like to keep a record

I have now scanned in the whole book and will be uploading the pdf's to this site shortly but in the meantime, Mervyn Ashby of Harrogate was in the process of transcribing it and the completed sections are  available here for you to read RIGHT HERE


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