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How useful is it?

  • At 43 markers there should, apparently, be either 39/43, 40/43, 41/43, 42/43 and 43/43 perfect matches to suggest a possible common ancestor.  
  • We are needing more participants before we can come to any clear conclusions, especially from known related lines.  
  • So far, one is very clearly not from a common male ancestor.  
  • The others are difficult to work out.  They appear (to me) to be very similar indeed, yet there are small differences on a few of the markers, more that suggested above.  This MAY suggest a relationship that is distant in time.

How much does it cost? Currently (2010) 43 markers cost $189 / approx.£124

How do we raise the money?  You can donate to the I'Anson project through DNA Heritage website to help build up a fund for those who cannot afford or are unwilling to pay the full fee.