I'ANSON international
Descendents of Capt. John I'Anson (cont)
Generation No. 3

4. RALPH3 I'ANSON (CHRISTOPHER2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1545 in Hauxwell, NRY, and died Bef. 19 May 1623 in Hauxwell, NRY (Source: Parish Records: Hauxwell, NRY, 19 May 1623: Raphe Janson buried.). He married ANNE??? Aft. 1566 in Unknown.

Children of RALPH I'ANSON and ANNE ??? are:

8. i. WILLIAM4 I'ANSON, b. Bef. 1572, Unknown; d. Bef. 28 August 1606, Cundall Gandale, Hauxwell, NRY.

9. ii. JAMES I'ANSON, b. Bef. 1577, Unknown; d. 1625, Unknown.

iii. ISABEL I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Bef. 13 June 1600, Hauxwell, NRY (Source: Parish Records: Hauxwell, NRY, 
13 Jun 1600: Isobell dau. of Ralpe Hiandson buried.).

10. iv. THOMAS I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Bef. 1603, Skeeby/Easby, NRY.

v. EDWARD I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

vi. NICHOLAS I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

vii. MYLES I'ANSON, b. Unknown; d. Aft. 1610; m. ANNE ?, Unknown.
(More About ANNE ?:   1 February 1609/10, Died & Buried at Hauxwell, NRY)

5. WILLIAM3 I'ANSON (CHRISTOPHER2, JOHN1) was born Aft. 1547, and died Unknown. He married (2) SARAH BARKER 12 May 1594 in St. Michaels', Cornhill, London, daughter of GEOFFREY BARKER.


  • William, the second son of Christopher I'Anson, was apprenticed to his Uncle James, a Vintner, at Cornhill, London.
  • He married twice, but the only evidence found of his first marriage is a record of the burial of a child at St. James', Clerkenwell, on 25th October 1585.
  • His business in London prospered and he purchased property in Hertfordshire, where the only surviving son of his second marriage was living, unmarried, at the time of the Herald's Visitations in 1634.
Child of WILLIAM I'ANSON is: i. ?4 I'ANSON, b. 1585; d. Abt. 25 October 1585, Clerkenwell, London.
25 October 1585, A child of William I'Anson buried at St. James', Clerkenwell
Children of WILLIAM I'ANSON and SARAH BARKER are: ii. SARAH4 I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1594; d. Unknown.

iii. MARY I'ANSON, b. Bef. 1598; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM HAWKINS, 30 March 1619, Cornhill, London (St. Peter's).

iv. ANNE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1598; d. Unknown.

v. ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1600; d. Unknown.

vi. WILLIAM I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1602; d. Bef. 1634.

vii. JOHN I'ANSON, b. Bef. 5 June 1608, Cornhill, London; d. Bef. 16 July 1611, Cornhill, London.
16 July 1611, Buried at St. Peter's, Cornhill

viii. KATHERINE I'ANSON, b.  1610, Cornhill, London; d. Unknown.
11 November 1610, Baptised at St. Peter's, Cornhill

6. LANCELOT3 I'ANSON (CHRISTOPHER2, JOHN1) was born Aft. 1548, and died September 1624 in Heybridge, Essex (Source: Will.). He married (1) MARGARET WHITING 11 January 1585/86 in Toppesfield, Essex (Source: Bishop of London's Marriage Licences, "1586, Jan. 11. Launcelot Yanson, clerk, Rector of Langforde, county Essex, and Margaret Whitinge, spinster, of Topesfield, Essex, daughter of William Whitinge, clerk, Rector of Topesfield, afsd. Gen. Lic."), daughter of WILLIAM WHITING. He married (2) ELIZABETH? Bef. 1624.


  • Lancelot, the third son of Christopher I'Anson, entered Trinity College, Cambridge Easter Term, 1570, taking his B.A in 1574-75; and his M.A in 1578. He was Chaplain from 1577 to 1581 and was made Rector of Langford, County of Essex and, later, also Rector of the Parish of Heybridge, also in Essex, where he lived.
  • An interesting pamphlet has been preserved, entitled A view of the state of the Clergie within the Countie of Essex. This was an attempt to bring about a reform amongst the clergy which, apparently, in many instances, was badly needed. The following is the reference to the Rev. Lancelot I'Anson:  "Non re {Heibridge 40li. Langford 50li.} Mr. Janson, vicar, there preacheth sildome; he is also pson. at Langford, he is resident at Highbridge, he disliketh that his pishners should go to sermons, elsewhere, when he preacheth not, and envyeth the preachers to whome they goe." 
  • Lancelot remained Vicar of Heybridge until his death in 1624. His first wife, Margaret had died, and he refers in his Will to his wife Elizabeth, who survived him.
  • 1577, Was the Vicar of Langford, in Essex when his father died.
No information has yet been found for Lancelot's children other than that contained in his Will an Abstract of which follows:
1624. Sept 13.
Lancelot I'Anson of Heibridg co. Essex, Clarke.

Being weak in body and aged. To Elizabeth my wife my copyhold lands in Heibridg aforesaid which I lately purchased from Thomas Scarlett. To Edward Janson my son £80 and the spoons that were my daughter Katherines deceased. To my daughter Elizabeth now the wife of Robert Graye also a silvr wine bowl which my aunt Richardson gave her. To Thomas Graye the son of the said Robert and Elizabeth G. To Anne Janson my youngest daughter at 21. My son William now deceased. To my daughter Mary now wife of Ansell Gayes and to Mary their daughter. Also I give to Mary my daughter a linen box that was her mothers. To my daughter Margaret now the wife of Peter Petts and to John and Anne Petts their son and daughter. My son Raph deceased. Residue to Anne, Elizabeth and Katheren the daughters of my brother William Janson. To Sarah wife of my brother Janson. My cozen Lionel Bailie. To my sister Hammond. To my sister Bacheler. To my sister Moody. To my sister Church. To my niece Elizab. Morris, my niece Anne Morris. To my niece Mary the wife of William Hawkins. To Mrs. Ingram of Maldon. To Mr. Palee of Langford. I give to my brother Nehemiah Rogers all my writing books and papers. To my brother Thomas Morris of Westminster Grocer a Bible that was his fathers. My friend Israel Stult, Clarke, Exor. of my will. My friends John Whitacres of Maldon, Overseers. Witnesses John Cromer, Ewd. Cornwell, Thos. Cheese and the writer hereof. Pd. 28 Septr. 1624


i. EDWARD4 I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586, Essex; d. Aft. 1624.

ii. KATHERINE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586, Essex; d. Bef. 1624, Essex.

11. iii. ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586; d. Aft. 1624.

iv. WILLIAM I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586; d. Bef. 1624.

12. v. MARY I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586; d. Unknown.

13. vi. MARGARET I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586; d. Unknown.

vii. RALPH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1586; d. Bef. 1624, Essex.

viii. ANNE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1604; d. Unknown.

7. BRYAN3 I'ANSON (JAMES2, JOHN1) 18 August 1560, Baptised at St. Gregory's, London and died 10 November 1634 in Ashby St. Ledgers. 13 November 1634, Buried at Ashby St. Ledgers (Parish Church)  He married ANNE LEE Bef. 1589, daughter of ROBERT LEE.

Children of BRYAN I'ANSON and ANNE LEE are:

14. i. JOHN4 I'ANSON, b. 1589; d. 9 December 1657, Ashby St. Ledgers.

15. ii. BRYAN I'ANSON, b. 1590; d. Abt. 1657.

iii. JAMES I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1590; d. Unknown.

iv. CLEMENT I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1592; d. Unknown.

v. RICHARD I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1593; d. Unknown.

vi. ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1594;  "Died Young"

vii. HANNAH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1595; d. Unknown.

viii. MARGARET I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1596; d. Unknown.

ix. ELIZABETH I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1597; d. Unknown.

16. x. ANNE I'ANSON, b. Aft. 1598; d. Unknown.