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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Brian I'Anson




WILLIAM I’ANSON, of Middleton Quernhow, in the parish of Wath, near Ripon, Co. York. Married at West Tanfield, Co. York, 2nd November, 1698, Anne Geldert, of West Tanfield. William I’Anson died, and was buried at Wath, 4th February, 1741-42, and his widow 26th April, 1747. They had issue three sons and two daughters.


  1. John I’Anson, baptised 13th March 1700-01.
  2. William I’Anson, baptised 10th May, 1704; buried 14th April, 1742.
  3. Francis I’Anson, baptised 31st January, 1712-13.
  1. Anne, baptised 12th July, 1707; buried 25th December, 1752. Married at Wath, 26th November, 1744, to John Dale Esq.
  2. Margaret, baptised 4th April, 1710.
JOHN I’ANSON, of Middleton Quernhow, baptised 15th March, 1700-01; buried 28th December, 1763. He was married at Wath, 23rd April, 1732, to Anne Airey, and by her had issue four sons and three daughters.


  1. William I’Anson, baptised 21st February, 1739-40; buried 12th March, 1739-40.
  2. John I’Anson, eldest surviving son, baptised 31st March, 1741.
  3. William I’Anson, baptised 20th March, 1747; buried 26th May, 1747.
  4. Francis I’Anson, baptised 19th March 1751. Married 22nd March, 1774, Anne Palmer, and had by her one son, George I’Anson, baptised at Wath 23rd June, 1776, who died s.p.
  1. Margaret, baptised 17th May, 1733; buried 12th April 1765. Married, 10th May, 1764, to Christopher Wells.
  2. Anne, baptised 16th August, 1735. Married, 4th May, 1759, to William Clarke, of Wath.
  3. Mary, baptised 21st December, 1737. Married, 2nd May, 1762, to Robert Rhodes, of Wath.
JOHN I’ANSON (eldest surviving son), of Melmerby, baptised 31st March, 1741; died 7th September, 1812 [NB. Monumental Inscription shows 7th September 1811]. Married, 18th July, 1774, to Anne Raper, who survived him, and died 23rd August, 1825 [NB. Monumental Inscription shows 23rd August 1823]. They had issue two sons and three daughters.


  1. William Raper I’Anson, of Bedale, Attorney-at Law, born 17th March 1777; buried 19th May, 1836. Married, at Bedale, 8th December, 1822, to Mary Slater.
  2. John I’Anson, of Melmerby, baptised 10th July, 1779; died 16th March, 1818. Married, 27th November, 1810, Rebecca (daughter of Francis Alman, Esq., and Margaret his wife), who survived him, and died 27th Jnauary, 1861.
  1. Dorothy, baptised 19th April, 1775. Married 12th January, 1799, to John Coates, of Ripon, Attourney and Banker.
  2. Anne, born 16th October, 1781. Married 28th December, 1805, Charles Jones, Esq., of the Inner Temple, London, Solicitor to the Admiralty.
  3. Margaret, born 14th June, 1783. Married, 11th August, 1800, Ralph Mason, Esq.
JOHN I’ANSON (second son), baptised 12th July, 1779; died 16th March, 1818. Married, 27th November, 1810, Rebecca Alman, by whom he had issue two sons.


  1. John Francis I’Anson, born 15th March 1814.
  2. The Rev. William I’Anson, of Middletpon, M.A., born 10th December, 1815, at Wath, of University College, Oxford, B.A., 2nd May, 1839; M.A. 14th March, 1844.
JOHN FRANCIS I’ANSON, of Melmerby, born at Wath, 15th March, 1814; died 14th January, 1877. Married, at Wath, 2nd November, 1850, to Mary, daughter of John Green, Esq., of Dishforth, in the parish of Topcliffe, Co. York, and by his said wife (who died 9th September, 1911) had issue two sons and one daughter.


  1. John I’Anson, J.P., C.C., of Howe Hall, near Thirsk, born 23rd July, 1852. Married Annie Jane, daughter of Charles Husband, Esq., of Ripon, on 9th October, 1877.
  2. William I’Anson, born 14th May, 1857; died unmarried, 16th April, 1903.
  1. Rebecca Jane, born 5th April, 1855; died 15th September, 1856.
LT. COL. JOHN I’ANSON, J.P., C.C., now living at Howe Hall, Thirsk, Major (Lt.-Col. 1891) 3rd Battn. Prince of Wales’s Own West Yorks Regiment, 1886-93; born 23rd July, 1852. Married, on 9th October, 1877, Annie Jane, Daughter of Charles Husband, M.R.C.S., of Ripon, by whom he had issue two sons and three daughters.


  1. Capt. John Francis I’Anson, 3rd West Yorks Regiment, born 1st June, 1883; killed at the battle of the Aisne, France, 20th September, 1914.
  2. Lieut. Charles Julian de Vaux, I’Anson, 2nd Loyal North Lancs Regiment, now serving in East Africa. Married, on 21st September, 1910, at Bangalore, India, to Eleanor Constance, daughter of James Steele, of Sydney, New South Wales.
  1. Mary Isabel Kathleen, born 7th March, 1879. Married 9th October, 1901, to Bertram W. A. Watney, Esq., of Distillery House, Wandsworth, S.W.
  2. Dorothy Clare, born 20th June, 1886.
  3. Nelly Radcliffe, born 8th July, 1884.



In Memory of


Who died 16th day of March, 1818; aged 38.

Four feet South of this Tomb lie

REBECCA, Widow of the above,

Who died 27th January, 1868; aged 72 years;

And her second Son,


Died December 3rd, 1864; aged 48 years.

In Memory of


Died 7th of September, 1811.

And ANN, his Wife,

23rd of August, 1823.

[Transcription Note: There are several differences between the dates given in the text of the book and the Monumental Inscriptions as recorded.] 

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