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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Brian I'Anson



22nd day of July, 1553.

The Will of EDWARD JANNY, of MANCHESTER, Merchant.

To Henry Janson, of Timperley (near Altrincham).

1577. August 3.


Sick of body &c. To my brothers Henry and Blasé each £5. To my two Sisters Jane Hewlcott and Jane Warde £5. To Nicholas Powell 40/- for a remembrance. To the Poor of Silvertoft my Exor. Shall see Katheryn Katherynes satisfied of her legacy which Mr. Smith bequethed to her. To Mr. Thos. Morgan and Mr. George Farmer a ring. To Mrs. Mary Morgan and Mrs Mary Farmer a ring. Residue to my brother Edward Janson the Exor. Overseers said Thomas Morgan and George Farmer, Esquires, with Ambrose belton and Wm. Tempest, Gent:, Witneses Geo. Farmer, Wm. Tempest, Edward Janson, Jane Holcutt. Schedule of debts due to me, = Mr. Sands, Jerkin maker in Fleet Street £17. Mr. Chapman Ironmonger in Cheapside £26 that is due to me as Exor. Of Mr. Smith. Ambrose Belton £25 in his hands remaining of Mr. Smiths goods. Robert Luddington 20 marks.

Proved 18 Nov. 1577 by Exor. (P.C.C. 43 Daughtry.)

1577. Sept. 18.


Whole of mind and sick and feeble of body. To be buried in the Churchyard of Hauxwell. To Ralph Janson my son half of my wayne and half my plough gear &c. To John Hutchanson my son in law. To William my son. To Isabel my wife my whole tenement in Hawxwell for 3 years then half of same to my son Ralph with half of Barden Close. Residue to my said wife and my six children viz. "lanslot, Anne, William, Elizabeth, Syth, and Jeannie." "whom I make my whole Exix." Witness Wm. Lupton, clarke parson of Hauxwell, Rawphe Lupton, Thos. Lupton, Willm. Lupton, Willm. Turnere and others.

Pd. By Isabel the Relict and Exix.. 18 Nov. 1577. (Eastern Deanery of Richmond.)

1584. Dec 15.


To be buried in the churchyarrd of the Parish as near my 2 daturs, deceased there buried as may be. I ordeyne Annys my wife and my eldest son Brian Exors. One third of my estate to my wife and another third to my sons Brian and Henry and the other third for debts, &c., and the residue to my wife. I forgive debts owing by George Fuller, Robert Hartford, Wm. Bennett, and Elizabeth Pickering. Whereas my daur. Margery is by me advanced in marriage and I have given to her husband (&c., & c.), my sister Margaret Kilburne, my cozen Marie Gretthedd. Witnesses Ambrose Goldinge, minister; Edward Laine, Henry Richardson, Wm. Dorm, notary; and Ralph Baylye.

Proved 25 Jan. 1584/5. (P.C.C. 4 Brudenell.)

1603. July 29.

THOMAS JANSON, of SKEYBIC, in psh. EASBY, co. YORK (Husb.)

To be burd. In churchyard of Easbye afsd. My wife Elizab. Janson during her widowhood all the term in the farm that I now dwell upon, but if she remarry the said farm to my son Oliver Janson and my 3 daurs. Frances Janson, Elizabeth Janson and anne Janson. After the death of my wife the said farm to the said Oliver Jansone conditionally if he shall follow the advice and counsell in his marriage of my Right Worshipful good "Mre. Mrs." Elinor Bowees, &c., he to pay to my said 3 daurs. Each £4. To my brother Edward Janson’s children ea. 6d., my brother Nicholas Janson’s children ea 6d. I give to my "wines" brother Wm. Barretts children ea 6d. and to the childrren of Wm. Simpson decd. Ea 6d. I give to my wife the tuition and government of my children during their minority and make her Exix. Overseer Humphrey Wharton. Witnesses Peter Tayler and Percival Cooke.

Pd. 22 Nov. 1603.

1606. Aug. 20.


Being weak in body and strong in mind. To be buried at Hawxwell. To Allison my wife all my farming during the term of 8 years if she keep her widowhood failing which my son Leonard shall enter possession. To Jeane my daughter £16. my daughter Margaret £10. My daughter Anne £10. My son Peter £8. and his mother to be at the cost to get him occupation. My son John £5 and half of Cundall freehold. Residue to my said wife and Leonard my son and they Exors. Witnesses Thos. Burgh, Gent., JohnWright, Raphe Janson, Wm. Birkdell.

Pd. 15 Nov.1606 by Exix.

Im. By Thos. Burgh, Gent., Robt. Greathed; James Wraye; and Wm. Birkdell 1606.

6th June 1610.


To be buried in parish church of Addingham. To William Janson my son. To Margrett Janson my daughter. To Jane Janson my daughter. To margrett Kirkman. Rest and Residue to Margrett and Jane Janson my daughter; to William Janson my son and I make William Janson my brother and William Janson my sons executors.

Witnesses Thomas Barker and John Griene.

Proved 6th July 1610.

29th September, 1613


To be buried in the church yard of Ilkley. That Agnes my wife shall have half of the lease of my house at Ilkley and my brother Robert Janson shall have the other half; that they both shall keep my brother John Jansonwith meat and apparell, and if my wife marriedagain her half to go to my brother Robert. To Josias Janson son of my brother Tristram Janson. To Jaine Lister wife of Lyonell Lister of Ilkley. To William Janson of Addingho. To Isabell Dagge wife of John Dage of Askarth. To the poor pish of Ilkley. I give to Samuell, Danniell, Benjamin, Ellen, Judeth and Elizabeth children of my brother Tristram Janson to each ten shillings. Rest and Residue to Robert Janson and Agnes my wife my executors.

Witnesses Richard Hodgson, Henrie Carrier, and Thomas Swire

Proved 2nd December 1613.

4th February 1616.


Did make his will nuncupative in manner and form following viz.: he called Essam his wife unto him and said unto her be of good comfort. I do give the and thye children in they wombe all the goods I have quick and dead. In person of Christopher Gibson, Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Burthott and Elizabeth Langfellowe with divers others.

Proved 15th February 1616.

27th March 1616


Clarke curate of Kilnkwicke to be buried in church yard of Kilnwicke on the north side of the church right over against the east Window where I used to take the Easter reckonings one yard from the wall.

To Ann Janson my wife all my goods except those I give to my children and my brethren at Aiskurth and upon some of the children of my brother Sr. Tristram Janson vicar my latine Bible upon himself and his son my nephew Sr. Samuel Janson. To Robert Janson clarke. To Ann Janson my wife all the buddings belonging to the house I now dwell in belonging to Sr. Lancelot Alford Knoight my executrix and foure pounds of money which I give unto her in the hands of Tristram Janson my brother at Aiskworth which he oweth me.

Witnesses John Pigurth and William Stayinge of Kilnwick husbandman.

Proved 9th October 1616.

WILLM. JENYSON, the Yonger.

To my two servants John Newby and anne Robinson. To everie of my brothers a gold ring. To Francis Newby, Robert Wrent, Nicholas Fynne and to everie other of my mothers servants. To anne Newby and to her two daughters children. To my cozen Dorothy Birch. To my servants at Newton Croster. Robert & Grace his wife and to Elizabeth Newby sister to the said Grace and to Roger one of my ornants. To thepoor of Newton. To all my Nephewes and Neices my brothers children I give twenty shillings a piece. To my mother a diamond ring. To Sr. George Frevill my orrell geldinge which I used to ride on to see my Ladie Frevill my sister my white nagge. To my oldest brother. To Richard Dighton. To James Garston. To every one of my sisters in law. To Gilbertt Frevill and Nicholas servant to Sr. George Frevill. To Hercules Brebant. To Mr. Richard Frevills children. To Mr. Harrison. I make my only daughter and heir my sole executrix whom I comitt to the tuition of my mother Mrs. Elizabeth Jennison Widow and if my mother dies to Sr. George Frevill and my ladie his wife. To Mr. John Throgmorton minister of Arle a gold ring. I sett my hand and seal this 18th day of November 1604.

Witnesses Willm. Jenyson the eldest. Thomas Jenyson, Robt. Wren, and France Newby.

Proved 23rd August 1617.

Soame, fo. 29.

Dated 12 Jany. 1618-19

The WILL of RAPHE BAYLEY, Cit. & Vint. of LOND.

Wm., Sara, Mary and Kath Ianson chldn. of my brother Wm. Janson, Vintner.

The youngest dau. Of mt bro. Lancelot Janson and his last wife.

1617. March 28


Sick of body but whole of mind. To be buried within the chancel of the parish church of Ayskgrath. To my brother Tristram Janson 20s. my Bible and my best cloke. To Samuel my godson 20s. and two Books the one with the "Resolucons" and the other the "Imitatcon of Christ." To Brianim Janson 5s. and my best cote. To William Janson of Ordingham my "brother sonne" and his children. To Lyoneld Lyster & Jane his wife. To Christopher Tunstall and Margret his wife. To Thomas Janson my brother his children Nathaniel, Tymothye, Theophelus and nehenyas Janson to every one of them 5s. I give to John Temple and his wife. I give to Ellina Janson an oxteare and the one half of my household goods. To Judeth Janson my read corve and the other half of my household goods. To my brother Tristram Janson and Danyell Janson his son all that my right, title &c. upon the tenemt. &c. which to me doth belong or may revert by virtue of the will of William Janson my late deceased brother of Ylkley whereof he died possessed at Ylkley or elsewhere by virtue of the joint Exorship with amiss his wife and a tenement or cottage in Ayskgarth of the yearly rent of 4s. to him and his heirs being myne owne inheritance and further I make the said Daniel Janson my sole Exor. and give him the residue. Witnesses John Hogg, Tristram Beverley and Thos. Hammond.

Pd. 3 May 1620.

Inv. By John Hogg, Tristram Beverley, Tristram Tunstall, James Wyrehorne 2 may 1620. mentions Adam Tyrrye, " Michel George King," Dorythye Monrey, Nicholas Taylor.

1624. Sept. 13.


Being weak in body and aged. To Elizabeth my wife my copyhold lands in Heibridg aforesaid which I lately purchased from Thomas Skarlett. To Edward Janson my son £80 and the spoons that were my daughter Katherine deceased. To my daughter Elizabeth now wife of Robert Graye also a silver wine bowl which my aunt Richardson gave her. To Thomas Graye the son of the said Robert and Elizabeth G. To Anne Janson my youngest daughter at 21. My son William now deceased. To my daughter Mary now wife of Ansell gayes and to mary their daughter. Also I give to Mary my daughter a linen box that was her mothers. To my daughter Margaret now wife of Peter petts and to John and anne Petts their son and daughter. My son raph deceased. Residue unto Anne, Elizabeth and Katheren the daughters of my brother William Janson. To sarah wife of my brother Janson. My cozen Lionel Bailie. To my sister Hammond. To my sister Bacheler. To my sister Moody. To my sister Church. To my niece Elizab. Morris, my niece Anne Morris. To my niece Mary wife of william Hawkins. To Mrs. Ingram of Maldon. To Mr. Palee of Langford. I give to my brother Nehemiah Rogers all my writing books and papers. To my brother Thomas Morris of Westminster Grocer a Bible that was his fathers. My friend Israel Stult, Clarke, Exor. of my will. Mt friends John Whitacres of Maldon, Overseers. Witnesses John Cromer, Edwd. Cornwell, Thos. Chees the writer hereof.

Pd. 28 Septr. 1624.

1624. June 3.


Will dated 13 February 1623-4.

No place of burial named.

To my son George Janson twelve pence. To my daughter Jane the wife of John Hynd ten shillings. To my daughter Rosamond eight sheep. To my son in lawe Thamas Stephensone xiij.s. iiij.d. To my son in lawe Francis Stephensone twelve pence. To my son in lawe Edward Stephensone xij.d. Residue to Elizabeth my Wife and make her Executrix.

Witnesses – Edward Drables and william Mason.

Inventory dated 25 February 1623-4.

Amount £36 3s 2d.

Appraisers – Wiilaim Hancockes, Thomas Calton, William Mason, and Edward Greenewood.

Proved by the sole Executrix.

1626/7. February 22.


Will dated 15 January 1626-7.

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