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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Brian I'Anson



The following fragments are considered to be worthy of record in a chapter to be devoted to items, some of which may, at some future date, help members of the I’Anson family to trace their descent to one of the names on the large printed pedigree. In this volume.

Gentleman’s Magazine.

List of Deaths – 

1766, August 23rd. – William I’Anson, Esq., in Holles Street, Cavendish Square. Vicars of Aysgarth. 1573, May 7th. – Tristram Janson. Trin. Coll. Camb.

1617, June 27th – Samuel Janson. Trin. Coll. Camb.

(N.B. – Refer to the Will for other information.)

Notice of the dissolution of Partnership.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Partnership lately subsisting between Halsey Janson, Thomas Horne Janson, Joseph Janson, and Joseph Coventry, of Bull’s Head Passage, Wood Street, in the City of London, Warehousemen (the surviving partners of edward Janson, deceased), and carried on under the form of Edward Janson, Sons & Coventry, was disolved by mutual consent on the 31st day of March last as to the said Joseph Janson; and the said trade is now and will, in future, be carried on by the said Halsey Janson, Thomas Horne Janson, and Joseph Coventry alone, and who will receive and pay all debts due to and from the said late Partnership.

As Witness our hands this 12th day of July, 1813.





(Copy for Gazette.)

Charles II. State Papers. Domestic series.

1663, March 30th. – Jonas Shish to Sam. Pepys. Repair of the Sortings. If henry Janson be entered again in the service, he promises to be willing and diligent.

1649, 31st March – John Easment, West Carmel; Rob. Janson, Stoke-under-Hamden; both Co. Somerset.

Information that the Easment left home, went to Sherborne Castle, Co. Dorset, and encouraged men to steal horses from the Parliament Forces under Major Sydenham.

1649, May 12th – Information that JANSON acknowledges that he was in arms for the King’s party, being a trooper under Captain Geo. Strode, also that he rode into Stoke with his sword ddrawn, and asked if there were any Roundhead rogues in the town, and swore, if he found any, he would hew them into pieces.

1649, May 18th. – County Commissioners to take examination in both cases, and secure their estates in case of delinquency.

1662, November 27th. – Captain James Lambert, to the Navy Commissioners. Recommends EDWARD JANSON to be Mate in the Duke’s yacht, the Ann.

1673, November 13th. – Commission to John Janson to be Quartermaster and Marshall to the Earl of Tyrone’s Regiment.

The Gentlemen’s Magazine (Obituary). 1831, October 15th. – THE REV. RICHARD JANSON, Minister of the new Church at Stretton, Cheshire. He was killed by the fall of a tree during a gale of wind at Wilderspool Causeway, near Warrington.

1824, July 21st. – (Surrey). At Clay Hill, Epsom, in her 88th year, Margaret, relict of late Captain HENRY I’ANSON R.N., and sister to the late Admiral Bazely.

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