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Transcript of "The History of the I'Anson Family" by Brian I'Anson



FRANCIS I’ANSON, of Bellerby, near Leyburn, was born at Ellerton Abbey, near Reeth, and married Anne . . . . . ., of Barden. Both are interred at Spennithorne.

They had two children.

Son –

JOHN, born in 1774. Of whom presently. Daughter – Mary. Married W. Thurlby, and had three sons.

Sons – 

    1. William Thurlby.
    2. Edward Thurlby.
    3. George Thurlby.
JOHN I’ANSON (son of Francis I’Anson of Bellarby, by Anne, his wife), was born in 1774. Married Sarah M. Davis, of Hartlebury, by whom he had five children, two sons and three daughters.

Sons –

  1. John, born in 1815. Married Edith Gillespie, and is believed to have emigrated to Australia.
  2. THOMAS FRANCIS, born in 1825. Of whom presently.
Daughters –
  1. Isabella, died young.
  2. Sarah, Maried W. Thurlby.
  3. Mary Ann.
THOMAS FRANCIS I’ANSON, of Whitehaven (younger son of John I’Anson and Sarah M. Davis), born 1825; died 1898. He studied at St. George’s Hospital and on the Continent. He was, in 1846, admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons, and Licentiate of the Royal College of apothecaries, 1848; M.D., King’s College, Aberdeen; and, after a lapse of twenty years, Licentiate of the College of Physicians, London. Was perpetual Vice-President of the Cumberland and Westmoreland branch of the British Medical Association. Author of Résumé of the Progress of Medicine, 1868-9. He was also F.R.H.S., and J.P. for Cumberland.

He married Arabella Welby, one of the Welby family, of lincolnshire (see account in later chapter), and by her had six children, four sons and two daughters.

Sons –

  1. Frank Welby, died young.
  2. Welby, at one time in practice with his father at Whitehaven, and now residing at Dunsaudle, Ashtead, Epsom.
  3. Frank Leonard, now living at Corkickle House, Whitehaven.
  4. Brian Walter.
Daughters –
  1. Elizabeth Doughty, died, s.p.
  2. Ada Mary.
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