Descendants of Robert I'Anson



Generation One

1. Robert I'ANSON; b. 1 Feb 1818 at Middleham, NRY, ENG; m. Margaret Inglis 16 Jul 1842 at Dirleton, E.Lothian, SCT.

The four known children of Robert I'Anson and Margaret Inglis were as follows:

2. i. Thomas; b. 1843 at SCT.

3. ii. Alice Duckworth; b. circa 1845 at Gullane, SCT; m. John Nightingall 27 Mar 1877 at Walton on the Hill, SRY.

She appeared on the census of 3 Apr 1881 at Down Hall Rd South Hatch, Epsom, SRY.

+ 4. iii. Robert, b. 1851 at Waterford, IRE; m. Julia Elizabeth May.

5. iv. William; b. circa 1859 at Middleham, NRY, ENG.

He appeared on the census of 1881 at South Hatch, Epsom, SRY.

Generation Two

4. Robert I'ANSON; b. 1851 at Waterford, IRE; m. Julia Elizabeth May 4 Sep 1873 at St Clement Danes, Westminster, LDN.

The nine known children of Robert I'Anson and Julia Elizabeth May were as follows:

6. i. Julia May was birth-reg Sep 1874 at Epsom, SRY.

7. ii. Alice Louise birth-reg Dec 1875 at Epsom, SRY, ENG; she and Robert Weston Colling were married Jun 1899.

8. iii. Lillian Dalziel: birth-reg Lillian Dalziel Ianson Mar 1877 at Epsom, SRY.

9. iv. Robert : birth-reg Mar 1878 at Epsom, SRY.

10. v. Archie; b. 12 May 1879 at Banstead, SRY

11. vi. Charlotte Cicely; m. Sydney Charles Upshell; birth-reg Sep 1880 at Banstead, Epsom, SRY, ENG.

12. vii. William Henry birth-reg Dec 1882 at Epsom, SRY.

13. viii. Margaret Mary; m. (--?--) Sanderson; birth-reg Dec 1885 at Epsom, SRY.

14. ix. Miles Inglis birth-reg Dec 1886 at Epsom, SRY; death-reg infant death Dec 1886 at Epsom, SRY.