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The theory: 

  • The Y-chromosone, a tiny component in our genetic make up, changes the sex at conception of those of us who go on to be born male.
  • By taking advantage of recent steps in genetic science, markers from the Y-chromosone can help identify a connection between people who have a common male ancestor through paternal lines
  • The Y-chromosone is passed from father to son intact and more-or-less identical
  • Since surnames in our culture follow the male line, Y-chomosone testing of people with the same surname can establish the probability of their having the same common ancestor 
Through testing of male descendants of a particular surname we can establish: 
  • the probablility that they have the same common ancestor
  • the probability that variant surnames are genetically linked
  • the probablility that there is just one male common ancestor at the head of our one-name study, or if, in fact, it is more probable that there are several distinct points of origin on the male line
  • DNA Heritage’s Tutorial  (which has been written especially for non-scientists - but is nevertheless long.) 
  • DNA Heritage's  FAQ page


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